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A Short Walking Tour inside the Summer Fancy Food Show Exhibit Hall #SFFS13

By Lorrie Baumann

This year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, back in New York after a two-year escape to Washington, D.C. during construction at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, is bigger than ever and buzzing with excitement about being back in the City. The show presents an overwhelming display of specialty foods from around the world. Here’s a quick introduction to some of them in the form of an idiosyncratic walking tour that starts near the Crystal Palace entrance to the show.
DSCN0032Woodland Foods is here showing off its brand new retail Manitou trading company brand of paella rice mixes, wild and rice blends and dried beans. Visit in booth #950. “We have naturally seasoned fusions that take the guess work out of preparation. For instance, we have a spinach Florentine risotto and a Moroccan cous cous,” said Ashley Gilday, regional account manager for Woodland Foods.
Not far away,

The Squirrel Brand is showing off its Southern Style Nuts line. “A lot of people like our Hunter Mix for its really savory taste,” says Dianna Haugen, Senior Vice President for The Squirrel Brand. “Our Buttercream Pecan just has a really soft vanilla buttercream taste. It’s not overpowering; it’s really soft on your tongue.” Visit in booth #1052.
Just up the aisle from The Squirrel Brand, Twinings of London is sampling holiday blends Christmas Tea and Winter Spice, which is a chamomile-based caffeine-free tea. Christmas Tea is a black tea blend flavored with holiday spices. You can also try a variety of hot herbal teas and samples of the new peach and classic English flavors of Twinings Cold Brewed Ice Teas. Visit in booth # 936.
DSCN0038Source Atlantique is wafting delicious odors across the exhibit hall from Modenaceti Soy Balsamic Glaze that’s being sampled on vegetable dumplings. “It’s not too salty, not too sweet. I put it on roast beef sandwiches, filets, all kinds of things,” says Josh Schuman, Intern for Source Atlantique. During the school year, he’s a student at George Washington University, majoring in Chinese and economics. Stop by and see him along with a very wide variety of Source Atlantique brands in booth #1236.
For a really special treat, stop at D’Artagnan in booth #1158 for a taste of Jamon Mangalica, air-cured in Spain from the meat of the curly-haired Mangalica pig, a race of pigs that was nearly extinct until Jamones Segovia spotted and revived the species in 1990. The range-free pigs produce a fat-rich meat that’s ideal for the slow, natural and long air-drying process. The Jamon Mangalica is all natural with no additives.
DSCN0043If you’re thirsty after the ham, you can wander down to the 2100 aisle, where you’ll find Brands of Britain sampling Yorkshire Gold tea from Taylors of Harrogate, along with English Breakfast Leaf Tea, Green Jasmine Leaf Tea and Scottish Breakfast Leaf Tea. The Yorkshire Gold Is a very robust, strong malty cup of black tea,
More than 10 million cups of Yorkshire tea are drunk every day in the U.K., making the Yorkshire Gold tea the English equivalent of the American coffee habit, says Ashley Dent, Sales Manager for Brands of Britain. The blend is largely influenced by Assam tea, which gives it that malty taste, she adds.
DSCN0044By now, your shoes may be pinching, so look for some relief at booth #2441, where Sweet Shop USA has a show-stopper in the form of a pair of lines of chocolate shoes and handbags. The Day of the Dead line decorated with skulls, will be available online in October and the Valentines line will be available in time for Valentines Day 2014.
And finally, for a sweet to end your tour, note that Harry London in booth #2636 is inviting Fancy Food Show attendees to stop by this evening from 4-7 p.m. for chocolate-dipped strawberries and wine tasting hosted by Chef Elliott Callahan.