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Chile Lime and Sea Salt Caramel Flavors Join the Barefruit Line

BARE has announced two new flavors, Chile Lime and Sea Salt Caramel, for its line of Barefruit® All Natural Apple Chips.  The new flavors are made from 100 percent real fruit that is baked not fried, and are gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and fat free with no artificial ingredients.

Crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips_100% Natural“Our new Chile Lime and Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips stimulate the taste buds with unique and unexpected flavor combinations that typically draw families and kids to calorie-laden snacks and desserts,” said Brad Oberwager, Chief Executive Officer of BARE. “We’re on a mission to bring simplicity back to snacking with real food, and ingredients we can pronounce that still taste delicious. Our new mouthwatering offerings make it easier than ever to experience the goodness of nature while satiating a sweet or savory craving.”

Crunchy Chile Lime Apple Chips_100% NaturalThe new Chile Lime Apple Chips combine the zesty kick of chiles with the cooling tang of lime, while Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips feature a harmonious blend of rich, melt-in-your-mouth caramel with a sprinkle of sea salt. The new snacks are baked using the same exclusive process as the company’s original Apple Chips, which caramelizes the natural sugars of the apple on the outside of every chip, creating a satisfying crunch without adding refined sugar or preservatives. Like all other BARE snacks, the new flavors are gluten-free, fat-free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan and a good source of dietary fiber.

In addition to its All Natural Apple Chips, BARE offers Barefruit Organic Apple Chips and Barefruit Organic Bake-Dried Fruit. Barefruit Organic Apple Chips are certified USDA organic and available in four flavors: Cinnamon, Fuji Red, Granny Smith and Medley.

Barefruit Apple Chips are available at grocery and natural retailers nationwide in the dried fruit section, including Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Sprouts, Target, TJ Maxx, Publix, Fred Meyer, Walgreens, Walmart, and online at and Suggested retail prices are $1.99-$2.49 for a 1.69-ounce bag and $0.99-$1.49 for a .53-ounce bag.


Thanasi Foods Introduces BIGS Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Thanasi Foods LLC has announced the addition of all-natural BIGS® Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds to its product line of roasted seeds and will be available to distributors and retailers in mid-October.

BigsLike other BIGS seeds, the all-natural BIGS® Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds are 100 percent grown in the U.S. The BIGS Brothers’ passion to find the plumpest, sweetest pumpkin seeds, led them the Willamette Valley, in western Oregon where the rich soils are known for being the best to grow the finest confection pumpkin seeds available.

“After much experimentation, we found a truly remarkable combination of lightly salting and home-style roasting to bring out the real, delicious flavor of the pumpkin in every seed,” said Justin Havlick, President and Founder of THANASI Foods and one of the “BIGS Brothers”. “Our primary goal was to deliver home-roasted pumpkin seed taste every day of the year that consumers normally only get to enjoy in the fall.”

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals. A half cup of pumpkin seeds supplies 92 percent of the recommended necessary daily intake of magnesium plus an assortment of other vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, B vitamins, copper, vitamin K and manganese. Eating pumpkin seeds also adds fiber to the diet and can help improve cholesterol levels and lower any inflammation by providing high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids.

“Our BIGS pumpkin and sunflower seeds offer consumers two very different snack options,” explained Havlick. “Both taste great as a hold-over snack, but since you can eat the entire pumpkin seed it makes them a perfect healthy and satisfying alternative to chips.”

The launch of the all-natural BIGS® Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seeds marks the company’s first non-sunflower seed in the BIGS product line. Launched in March 2009, BIGS offers fire roasted, jumbo-size sunflower seeds in a variety of exciting flavors including: Original Salted & Roasted; Heinz® Salt & Vinegar; Vlasic® Dill Pickle; Bacon Salt® Sizzlin’ Bacon; FRANK’S REDHOT® Buffalo Wing; Sea Salt & Black Pepper; Hidden Valley® Ranch; and Old Bay® Catch Of The Day.

Drizzlecorn Back for the Holidays

Popcorn, Indiana®, maker of all-natural popcorn snacks, is set to usher in the 2013 holiday season in its tastiest way yet with the return of its Drizzlecorn™ collection, one of the brand’s most popular flavor lines. The collection features five extraordinary varieties: Dark Fudge Chocolate Chip Kettlecorn, Drizzled Black & White Kettlecorn, Drizzled Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn, Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn, and Dark Fudge Peppermint Kettlecorn. Hitting shelves nationwide for a limited time only, Popcorn, Indiana’s line of festive flavors will infuse the upcoming fall and winter months with a unique blend of sweet, and savory decadence starting this October.

“You asked for it and we delivered an unforgettable taste experience with our exclusive Drizzlecorn line of innovative pairings of traditional holiday flavors,” said Hitesh Hajarnavis, CEO of Popcorn, Indiana. “The familiar taste of the season – whether it’s cinnamon, peppermint, or dark fudge – comes through with each delicious, decadent kernel. So, let’s get the party started!”

Popcorn, Indiana’s Drizzlecorn collection provides one of the few guiltless pleasures this holiday season. Each bag is hand-crafted from all-natural gluten-free ingredients, contains whole grains and zero trans-fat, and is free of cholesterol and preservatives. This limited-edition collection will be available at retailers throughout the country through March 2014.

The Better Chip Offers a Quality Snacking Experience

The Better ChipThe Better Chip® is a snack chip made with natural ingredients and vegetables people can actually see as they snack. Available in Jalapeño, Red Pepper, Spinach & Kale, Corn and Sweet Onion flavors, each is developed with smart snackers in mind – using farm-fresh ingredients that taste delicious.  Because it is different, The Better Chip® is available in the deli section at grocery stores across the nation rather than the chip aisle, and uses a double corn masa formula for a heartier, sturdier snacking experience.

The Better Chip is:

  • A high-quality snack chip made with fresh vegetables
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Vegan friendly (except for Sweet Onion, which includes white cheddar cheese)

Available in the deli section of more than 8,500 grocery stores in 35 states, The Better Chip is a new choice to satisfy the salty snack craving—with ingredients that are easy to understand and clearly natural.


There’s a New Chip in Town — NoTatoes

NoTatoes are made from “Potato’s Ugly Cousin”, the cassava (yuca) root. Cassava is enjoyed as a snack in many parts of the world. It’s naturally gluten-free, higher in fiber than potato chips and absolutely delicious.

NoTatoes bagNoTatoes has blended the great flavor of cassava with corn and a other simple, all natural ingredients to create the worlds first Cassava Tortilla Chips, NoTatoes! Don’t misunderstand, they love Cousin Potato, but let’s face it he’s not known as a couch potato for nothing! NoTatoes will satisfy any desire for a crunchy, tasty snack while at the same taking waistlines into consideration.

NoTatoes can be enjoyed like any other chip — with salsa, hummus, or all by au naturale (NoTatoes’ favorite way). One taste and you’ll be saying Yes to No…NoTatoes! And why not? With ingredients including cassava flour, stone ground corn, safflower and/or sunflower oil, quinoa, flax seed, sesame seed evaporated, cane juice, sea salt.


PARTNERS Launches Gluten-Free Line

PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company, maker of all natural, wholesome, and delicious crackers, cookies and granola, is launching its first gluten-free line, Free for All Kitchen. Since 1992, founder Marian Harris has taken great care to create and perfect every one of her recipes and the new gluten-free additions are no exception.

Three years ago, Marian and the PARTNERS family recognized the importance of producing a gluten-free line and have been diligently working ever since. Why so long? It takes time to develop a delicious gluten-free alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste, nutrition, or quality.

While many companies push out products that are heavily processed or rely on empty calorie rice fillers to create gluten-free alternatives, Marian focused on finding high quality, all natural ingredients to create her crackers. Three years in the baking, Marian’s new gluten-free crackers are made from a five ancient grain blend of amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum, and teff.

These ancient grain crackers are available in three of PARTNERS most popular flavors: Roasted Garlic & Rosemary, Olive Oil & Sea Salt, and Olive Oil & Herb. The family recognized the need for a great entertaining style cracker in the gluten-free category and decided to release their new recipes in a hors d’oeuvre style cut. With Free for All Kitchen crackers, retailers now have an elegant, delicious, worry free option to showcase their favorite cheeses and consumers have an elegant, delicious, worry free option to serve to all of their guests.

Look for Free for All Kitchen Gluten Free Crackers in 5-ounce cartons and cellophane wrapped deli trays. The PARTNERS team applied the same care and attention to creating elegant, attractive packaging that showcases the high quality taste and ingredients that everyone can enjoy.

Harvest Snaps Launches New Snapea Crisp Flavors

Snackers across America are rejoicing as a new healthier snacking option is hitting store shelves, Harvest Snaps. Formerly known as Snapea Crisps, it is now part of the Harvest Snaps family. The brand has launched new flavors under the Snapea and Lentil varieties that will appeal to all snack fans!

Snapea Crisps-3.3oz-styled-CMYK-caesarFull of flavor, Harvest Snaps’ Snapea Crisps are made from naturally dried peas, which make up 70 percent of the product. Lentil Snaps are made from 65 percent lentils and contain 5 g of protein and 13 percent of your daily fiber. Harvest Snaps are a delicious, guiltless snacking option with lower fat and sodium that are baked, not fried. Snapea Crisps are now available in four different varieties: Lightly Salted, Caesar, Black Pepper and Wasabi Ranch. Lentil Snaps are available in Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme.

From the signature crunch to big flavor and snacking fun, Harvest Snaps offers a healthier snacking option without sacrificing taste. It’s also ideal for school lunch boxes and after school snacks.

Snapea Crisps-3.3oz-styled-CMYK-onion“Snacks should have a great taste without feeling guilty. That is why we are so obsessed with the primary ingredient – which is 70 percent peas. We have fun taking a gift from nature – peas and lentils – and creating a snack that combines both flavorful joy and better nutrition. This is the perfect snack for all ages,” said Steve Kneepkens, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Calbee North America. “Moms love our brand to fill the kids’ lunch box or to put in their purse or backpack. This is a great way to get vegetables into your kids’ snack.  We believe strongly in harvesting the power of nature. We think that we have done that – but you be the judge.”

To learn more about the new brand portfolio and flavors, and to find a retailer near you that carries Harvest Snaps, visit:

Rush Bowls Teams Up with Udi’s for Gluten Free Granola-Fruit Meals

Rush Bowls®, which makes quick and healthy frozen meals, has teamed up with Udi’s® Gluten Free, a subsidiary of Boulder Brands, Inc. All of the Rush Bowls signature fruit blends will now exclusively feature Udi’s Gluten Free granola. Rush Bowls are low calorie, nutrient filled fruit blends that are perfect as a wholesome meal or snack. The incorporation of Udi’s Gluten Free granola will add another great layer of flavor and allow the entire Rush Bowls product line to be gluten free.

“Udi’s Gluten Free granola is the ideal complement to our fruit blends,” says Rush Bowls Founder and President, Andrew Pudalov. “Boulder Brands is a leader in the natural foods market, and joining forces supports our mission to provide healthy, great tasting products that cater to nearly every dietary need.”

Rush Bowls Exploding Snack PackFor the past several years, Rush Bowls has produced its original Meal-in-a-Bowl product line, which is sold in retailers throughout the country. In addition, Rush has recently launched a brand new extension – the Snack Pack. This new line offers the signature recipe in a smaller package, perfect for those craving a healthy snack. Both the Snack Pack and the Original Meal will be cobranded with Udi’s and sold at natural, conventional, and institutional retailers throughout the country.

Products Especially for Kids at #ExpoEast


BioKinetics baby cereal is additive-free and organic. Quinoa and Brown Rice varieties are gluten-free, and the Wheat variety is made from sprouted whole grain. Suggested retail price for a 7-ounce package is around $5. The cereals will be available in retail packages around the end of the year or in January. For more information, visit

babo Botanicals makes a line of skin care products for children of all ages. For dry skin or eczema, babo Botanicals’ oatmeal and calendula shampoo, diaper cream, moisturizing lotion and body wash are the solution. For calming the fussy baby, Lavender Meadowsweet bubblebath and shampoo is great. Berry Primrose shampoo and detangler spray are the solution for tangled locks. Products have SRPs of $14 to $14.95. For more information, visit

Eco Vessel offers an extensive line of sporty drink bottles designed to appeal to kids, specializing in insulated products with TriMax technology that keep beverages cold for 36 hours or hot for eight. The complete line-up includes kids products, filtration products, double-walled glass bottles and Tritan bottles. The SmashBox line of collapsible food containers is microwave-safe, freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe. They collapse to about an inch thick after use or for storage, so that after lunch is gone, they can be stowed away in backpack and come home under the laptop and the text book without damage. Retail prices range from $9.95 to $19.95. For further information, visit

Sprout Organic Foods has a brand new line of kids products called Smash. The fruit and vegetable smoothies contain 50 percent vegetables, so they’re not as sugar-laden as many of the other fruit and vegetable smoothies on the market. Varieties include Butternut Squash & Grape, Carrot & Orange and Pumpkin & Strawberry. They’re great for afterschool snacks or for before and after soccer practice, says Kyle Baker, a sales manager for the company.

There are also three different Greek yogurt-based smoothies in the Smash line. Flavors for these include Blueberry & Blackcurrant, Acai & Berry and Strawberry & Cherry. Coconut milk smoothies are all 15 percent coconut milk by weight, and the flavors include Peach & Banana, Berry & Banana, and Cherry & Apple. The smoothies are sold individually and ship in cardboard trays of five pouches. Retail prices on the individual units range from $1.69 to $1.89.

For toddlers, Sprout offers Fruit & Veggie Crispy Chews and Fruity Yogurt Bites. The bite-size pieces of the Crispy Chews combine fruits and vegetables with a brown rice base to give a little crunch along with the sweet taste of the fruit. The Yogurt Bites are freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that crunch as they’re chewed and then melt away as the veggies reconstitute in the mouth. The five-count box retails for $3.99. For more information, visit

Little Duck Organics has introduced a brand new line of ancient grain first foods for babies that comes in 100 percent compostable packaging. A three-pack of Mighty Oats also contains a seed packet to grow vegetables along with the compostable packaging. Flavoring comes from freeze-dried fruits, so the product is all-natural, organic and non-GMO. “We never add any sugar or preservatives to our products,” says Camille Gardella, the company’s community relations manager. There are three flavors, Blueberry Cinnamon, Strawberry Vanilla, and Coconut Banana.

Little Duck Organics’ other product, Tiny Fruits, has been out for four years. They’re a freeze-dried fruit snack for toddlers (1 year and up) with organic fruit cut into bite-size pieces. Like the Mighty Oats, they’re all organic and non-GMO. They’re also kosher and gluten-free. Retail price for the Mighty Oats three-packs is $5.99 and for the Tiny Fruits, it’s $3.99. For more information, visit

Honey StingerHoney Stinger‘s new Kids’ Organic Waffles are now available across the country at grocers and specialty retailers.

“We often hear from our customers that it’s nearly impossible to keep a stock of Honey Stinger Waffles in the pantry because their kids are always eating them,” states Rich Hager, Chief Operating Officer at Honey Stinger. “With these parents in mind, we decided it was time to introduce our popular Organic Waffles in a smaller serving size that is ideal for everything from school lunches to snacks on a family hike.”

Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Waffles will initially be available in Honey and Chocolate flavors and will be sold in boxes of six individually wrapped waffles. Each waffle is 80 calories and contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. A box of six waffles will have an MSRP of $4.99 and retailers have the option to sell waffles packaged for individual sale for an MSRP of $0.89.

Gluten-Free Sells at #ExpoEast

LIVE_EEMany of the retailers attending Natural Products Expo East are asking about gluten-free products in response to a trend that still gives no sign of fading away. “Allergy friendly” is another topic of fervent discussion, and many of the vendors here are offering products that respond to those concerns, and they’re all prepared to answer questions on the subject of how their products will meet the needs of customers with a variety of sensitivities.

Bunker Hill Cheese Company’s newest product is a creamy feta cheese made from the milk of cows raised on Amish family farms. Ezra’s Dairy Feta Cheese is part of a family of brands that includes Heini’s Greek Yogurt Cheese, which is a low-cholesterol, high-protein, lactose-free semi-soft cheese with a tart yogurt flavor and live cultures. For more information, visit

Pamela’s Products offers Figgies & Jammies gluten-free and wheat-free fig and fruit bars with a taste and texture that will please those who’d love a supermarket fig bar but don’t want the gluten. The bars come in four varieties: Mission Fig, Fig & Raspberry, Blueberry & Fig, and Fig & Strawberry, with an SRP around $4.99. The company also makes a variety of gluten-free baking mixes packaged for both retail and foodservice sale For more information, visit

Mountain High Organics’ quinoa pastas are gluten-free, taste like traditional wheat pastas and cook in slightly shorter times. The Mountain High pastas are more forgiving than many other quinoa pastas to cooks who aren’t watching the timer closely as they cook, according to Peter Glad, from Mountain High Organics. For more information, visit facebook/traceomeganutrition.

The Spice Lab, which offers gourmet salts and spice has some new gift kits that have retailers who are looking for holiday season gift ideas talking. The 12-fluid ounce jars hold five to 12 ounces of dried herbs, with the weight depending on how densely the leaves will pack naturally, and come with a bamboo serving spoon. The jars retail for around $8-$12, depending on the contents. For more information, visit

Simple Squares organic snack bars are infused with honey and herbs and made with five whole food ingredients. They’re gluten-free and contain no wheat, dairy, corn or soy, and they’re low in sodium and sugars. There are six varieties: Cinna-Clove, Coconut, Coffee, Ginger, Rosemary and Sage. For more information, visit