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Gourmet du Village Introduces Three Country-Style Hearty Soups

Gourmet du Village introduces its new homemade soups, the perfect comfort food for the upcoming winter season.

Three delicious flavors, Barley Vegetable, Split Pea and Lentil Curry, are each made with natural ingredients using easy to follow recipes and directions, resulting in traditional-tasting, county-style warming soups.

Gourmet du Village soup tureenEnhance your presentation at the table by serving the soups in the new Gourmet du Village classic-style soup tureen.

These new products along with the entire new collection of Gourmet du Village gifts can be seen at showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.


Pacific Foods Adds Two New Organic Soups

This month, Pacific Foods is adding Organic Spicy Black Bean & Kale and Organic Split Pea & Uncured Ham to its existing line of more than 20 ready-to-eat hearty soup varieties. The new offerings are made exclusively with organic, non-GMO ingredients, providing families with two new flavorful and nutritious mealtime options – perfect for busy weeknights.

“Consumers want to eat healthier meals, but that often means bland taste or time-intensive preparation,” said Kevin Tisdale, Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Foods. “The new hearty soups reflect current health trends, so consumers can upgrade classic pantry staples with organic, nutrient-dense versions and explore new, bold flavors in everyday meals.”


Pacific soups

Organic Spicy Black Bean & Kale Soup

Joining the kale movement, Pacific gives the leafy green superfood a spicy kick with just the right mix of seasonings, including a dash of garlic, sea salt and chili peppers, to create a satiating soup. Combining fresh organic vegetables, including iron- and antioxidant-rich kale, tomatoes, celery, carrots and onions with protein- and fiber-rich black beans, Pacific’s new hearty soup is a nutritional powerhouse. Fat-free and vegan-friendly, it is a great option to keep on-hand during the hectic back-to-school season – just heat and serve, pour over grains, or top with a dollop of sour cream.

Organic Split Pea & Uncured Ham Soup

The smooth, delicate flavor of organic peas, accentuated with a dash of sea salt and savory uncured ham revitalizes this cookbook staple, appealing to modern consumers. The only USDA organic split pea and ham soup on the market, Pacific’s version of this classic comfort food stays true to the authentic recipe while updating the soup with premium ingredients including organic peas, carrots, and onions and chef-inspired seasonings. The ham is certified organic, uncured and sourced from family farms that do not use antibiotics or feed grown with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The soup is an excellent source of fiber and protein – one serving contains 10 g of fiber, 40 percent of the recommended daily intake, and 11 g of protein.

Ensuring the integrity of the ingredients found in both of the these new recipes, and all of its products, Pacific’s Certified to the Source program tracks the origin and history of each ingredient to verify quality, and safety and provide the best taste possible. The soups are packaged in recyclable, easy-to-open, BPA-free Tetra Recart cartons that seal in freshness – a great alternative to cans that lends to better flavor and a smaller carbon footprint. Both varieties are currently available at grocery and natural food stores nationwide (SRP $3.19 – $3.89 for 17 ounces).

Heat and Serve Quiches from La Terra Fina

Cheesy Broccoli QuicheQuiche has made the perfect meal centerpiece for hundreds of years, and now La Terra Fina is making it easy to enjoy this savory dish by merely heating it in the oven. The company, which has been creating delicious, chef-inspired food for 30 years, debuts a line of 23-ounce gourmet quiches with three popular flavors that taste like you made them at home.

“We know many home cooks have the intention of making meals from scratch, but everyday life gets in the way,” said La Terra Fina’s Director of Brand Development Stephanie Robbins. “Our new line of quiches lets you spend more time with friends and family without ever having to crimp a crust or break an egg.”

Made with natural ingredients and 100 percent egg whites, La Terra Fina’s new quiches offer a better-for-you health profile without sacrificing quality or taste. With five servings per pie, the new line of 23 ounce quiches is available in the following varieties:

  • Quiche Lorraine: A truly classic quiche made from a tantalizing blend of bacon and Swiss cheese in an egg white custard, this popular quiche is perfect for serving to guests or enjoying on your own.
  • Cheesy Broccoli Quiche: A delicious blend of all natural cheddar cheese mingled with chunks of broccoli florets in an egg white custard filling makes this well-loved quiche a comfort food favorite.
  • Spinach & Artichoke Florentine: Sumptuous cheeses combine with natural spinach and artichoke in egg white custard makes this tasty quiche a true delight that is always a crowd pleaser.

La Terra Fina quiches are available immediately to retailers in single packages for the suggested retail price of $8.99 – $9.99.

About La Terra Fina
Founded in 1983 by a popular San Francisco Bay Area caterer, La Terra Fina now produces products in a state-of-the-art, 60,000-square-foot food processing facility, still located in the rich food culture of the Bay Area. La Terra Fina, meaning “the good earth” in Italian, produces a wide range of all-natural, ready-to-eat refrigerated quiches and dips rich in flavor and high in quality. La Terra Fina products are sold in supermarkets, club stores and specialty grocery retailers nationwide. For more information, visit or

Lotus Foods Introduces Gluten-Free Ramen

Ramen, one of the best-loved Asian foods and a shelf staple in millions of American kitchens, dorm rooms and offices, is about to become even more popular. Traditionally, ramen noodles are made from wheat, and thus off-bounds to ­­legions of consumers who are gluten intolerant.

Lotus Foods, who changed how Americans think about rice, is shaking up the ramen world, introducing traditional Japanese-style ramen noodles made from rice.

Millet_Small“We are thrilled to bring this wonderfully quick, versatile and satisfying food to people who can’t eat wheat-based ramen,” says Lotus Foods Co-owner Caryl Levine. “And ramen fans will be delighted because our noodle cakes are made with our popular heirloom and organic specialty rice, so the tastes and colors are entirely new and exciting.”

Lotus Foods ‘ready-in-four-minutes’ Ramen are available in three flavors: Forbidden Rice® Ramen; Jade Pearl Rice™ Ramen; and Millet & Brown Rice Ramen. Consumers will have a choice of buying individual ramen cakes with savory reduced-sodium miso soup flavor packets to make an instant bowl of nourishing noodle soup, or four ramen noodle cakes packaged together without any flavor packets. Lotus Foods Ramen are perfect as a snack or the start of a complete meal by adding vegetables or a protein of choice. They will add drama to your favorite stir-fry or transform your classic cold noodle salad with a simple soy sauce and sesame dressing.

Forbidden Rice® Ramen are a natural source of antioxidants and high in protein, fiber and minerals. Jade Pearl Rice™ Ramen is infused with chlorophyll-rich, wild-crafted bamboo extract for enhanced taste and nutrition. Millet & Brown Rice Ramen have a delicious nutty taste and are a good source of fiber and protein.

As well as being gluten free, low fat and vegan, Lotus Foods Rice Ramen are made with organic rice and all non-GMO ingredients. The miso soup packets have 25 to 33 percent less sodium than regular ramen soups.

This is the second new product launch by Lotus Foods this year. In the spring, the company launched convenient microwaveable Heat & Eat Rice Bowls. Ready in just 90 seconds, they deliver nutritional benefits with three great-tasting heirloom rices. All three rices are produced through Lotus Foods’ partnership with family rice farmers in Cambodia and Indonesia, who are using water-conserving More Crop Per Dropgrowing methods. All of the products are gluten free, non-GMO verified and with no added salt or fat. Like the new Lotus Foods Rice Ramen, the bowls can be the easy, instant start to a complete meal or a quick, healthy snack.

“We want to make our healthy whole grain rice more accessible to people,” says Levine. “With so many people coping with gluten intolerance, diabetes, or simply too busy to cook, we feel it is important to give them more options to consume delicious and nutritious rice.”

Since 1995, Lotus Foods has been sourcing fair-trade ingredients from small family farmers around the world who are growing rice sustainably and preserving heirloom and specialty rices. The company’s objective is not only to help rice farmers earn a living wage but to bring healthier rice choices to consumers.

Individual Mug Cakes from Mutton Hollow Herb Farm

New for the 2013 Holiday Season, Mutton Hollow Herb Farm is offering its Individual Mug Cakes. Choose from Lava cake, exploding with chocolate in the center and topped with a chocolate drizzle, or Southern Pecan cake with cinnamon chips and a cinnamon drizzle.

There is always time for a Smores’ Cake, a rich chocolate cake topped with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chips, all made in the microwave in  one minute. Other flavors include Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Caramel Apple, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Pumpkin Butterscotch and more. These can be made in the microwave at work or at night for a quick delicious snack. They’re great for college students after a meal of one of Mutton Hollow Herb Farm’s individual soups, also made in the microwave in two minutes.

Mutton Hollow Herb Farm products are available at leading grocery retailers, gourmet and specialty retailers, gift and gift basket companies, good and gift catalogs or online at Individual and corporate gift baskets are available at the website.

Rush Bowls Teams Up with Udi’s for Gluten Free Granola-Fruit Meals

Rush Bowls®, which makes quick and healthy frozen meals, has teamed up with Udi’s® Gluten Free, a subsidiary of Boulder Brands, Inc. All of the Rush Bowls signature fruit blends will now exclusively feature Udi’s Gluten Free granola. Rush Bowls are low calorie, nutrient filled fruit blends that are perfect as a wholesome meal or snack. The incorporation of Udi’s Gluten Free granola will add another great layer of flavor and allow the entire Rush Bowls product line to be gluten free.

“Udi’s Gluten Free granola is the ideal complement to our fruit blends,” says Rush Bowls Founder and President, Andrew Pudalov. “Boulder Brands is a leader in the natural foods market, and joining forces supports our mission to provide healthy, great tasting products that cater to nearly every dietary need.”

Rush Bowls Exploding Snack PackFor the past several years, Rush Bowls has produced its original Meal-in-a-Bowl product line, which is sold in retailers throughout the country. In addition, Rush has recently launched a brand new extension – the Snack Pack. This new line offers the signature recipe in a smaller package, perfect for those craving a healthy snack. Both the Snack Pack and the Original Meal will be cobranded with Udi’s and sold at natural, conventional, and institutional retailers throughout the country.

Tasting the Goodness at #ExpoEast


Sustainably grown and ethically-produced caffeine is fueling a healthy buzz on the show floor at Natural Products Expo East this morning, and we’re finding lots of new products on the market from companies that have exercised their ingenuity with simple ingredients and careful processing. There’ll be more news on what we’re seeing and tasting in Tuesday’s Gourmet Newswire, of course, but for now, here are a few samples.

Louis Lombardi’s face smiles out from the labels on his just-released line of sauces, oils and pastas in the Madoro USA booth. Madoro is producing the line for Lombardi from ingredients imported from Italy. The website for the line is now live at

Chia is here and making lots of friends, even boasting, as it does, that it’s a superfood. Salba Chia even boasts that it’s “smarter than your average chia,” with a label on its deed packets that claims more than 3,000 milligrams of Omega-3s per serving. Chia is high in fiber and a good source of calcium, magnesium and copper. In addition to packets of the whole seeds, Salba is offering Salba Smart Organic Tortilla Chips in 100-calorie packs.

Blue Horizon Wild is offering four varieties of prepared seafood entrees steam-cooked en papillote and frozen to be microwaved in the paper pouch for a chef-crafted meal in minutes. All four varieties, Seafood Enchiladas, Sweet & Spicy Filet of Sole, Mediterranean Salmon and Seafood Cioppino, feature premium wild-caught seafood. More information is available at Blue Horizon Wild is a brand of Elevation Brands, which also produces Ian’s Natural Foods, which is introducing two new flavors of the kids line, Smokin’ Sweet breaded Chicken Nuggets, which are gluten-free and whole grain and Southwest breaded Chicken Tenders, also gluten-free and whole grain. Both exclude common allergies, including wheat, eggs, nuts and soy. More information on these products is available at

mysuperfoods has a line of granola bars targeted for children. Made with whole-grain oats, flaxseed for o-3 and low sugar content. Co-founder Kate Jesionowski and her bisiness partner Silvia Gianni have five kids between them and vouch for the fact that kids actually like these. The company launched at last year’s Expo East and its products are already being sold in more than 200 stores. More information is available at

Gold Mine Natural Food Co. had its silver sofi statuette in the booth behind samples of the Organic Kimchee that brought home the finalist award at this summer’s Fancy Food Show. The kimchee is riding that wave of success along with a trend for fermented foods that responds to an awareness of the value of probiotics for healthy intestinal flora, says Brad Bowers, wholesale sales representative for the company.

Honey Stinger Enters Youth Market with Kids’ Organic Waffles

Honey Stinger will now offer products intended for the athletes of tomorrow. The company is pleased to announce that its new Kids’ Organic Waffles will be available across the country at grocers and specialty retailers on August 15.

“We often hear from our customers that it’s nearly impossible to keep a stock of Honey Stinger Waffles in the pantry because their kids are always eating them,” states Rich Hager, Chief Operating Officer at Honey Stinger. “With these parents in mind, we decided it was time to introduce our popular Organic Waffles in a smaller serving size that is ideal for everything from school lunches to snacks on a family hike.”

Honey StingerHoney Stinger Kids’ Organic Waffles will initially be available in honey and chocolate flavors and will be sold in boxes of six individually wrapped waffles. Each waffle is 80 calories and contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. A box of six waffles will have an MSRP of $4.99, and retailers have the option to sell waffles packaged for individual sale for an MSRP of $0.89.

About Honey Stinger

Located in Steamboat Springs, Colo., Honey Stinger makes convenient, nutritious and great tasting honey-based foods including energy bars, protein bars, organic energy gels, organic waffles, organic chews, and now Kids’ Organic Waffles. Fueling some of the country’s top cyclists, runners, triathletes and teams, Honey Stinger products may be found at specialty sporting goods retailers, natural food grocers and

NoOodle Company Offers No-Guilt Heat-and-Serve Soups

According to Terri Rogers, Chief NoOodlist, Founder and CEO of the Chicago-based NoOodle Company, keeping things simple, easy and good-tasting is the real key to making great food.

Chicken Noodle Soup“If you can create that in a 50-calorie soup that is really delicious, you have something that’s going to sizzle in supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide,” said Rogers.  “That’s exactly what we’ve created with our new all-natural, gluten- free, 50-calorie NoOodle Soups.  Our Tomato Risotto and Chicken Noodle Soup are absolutely delicious.”

Tomato & Risotto Soup

NoOodle 50-Calorie Soups are ready to heat and serve. They are ideal for those who have diabetes or are gluten intolerant. The NoOodle – the yam-based noodle that Rogers discovered and brought to America to create her company – has been consumed in Japan for centuries.  Today, it is a growing trend with health conscious men and women, home cooks, and celebrity chefs.

NoOodle Soups offer consumers a way to watch their calories without sacrificing taste. Crafted with authentic ingredients and with convenience in mind, the ready to eat soups are ideal for anyone who wants to maintain or start living a healthier lifestyle. NoOodle 50-calorie soups are just 50 calories per single cup serving and are fat-free.

Primarily, the NoOodle consists of an extraordinary dietary fiber called glucomannan. Chef Rogers was inspired to develop a variety of delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes centered around this powerful ingredient.

The unique yam helps slow down digestion and avoid spikes in glucose levels. Glucomannan works in the stomach and intestines by absorbing water and helps create a full feeling, while it reduces the intake of carbohydrates and cholesterol.

The new 50-Calorie NoOodle Soups include:

  •  Chicken Noodle Soup – Prepared with chicken and fresh vegetables in a natural chicken broth.
  • Tomato Risotto – Diced tomatoes, spinach, and basil prepared in a tomato sauce

Each new ready to eat NoOodle Soup package contains two servings and is priced at $5.99.  They are now available at

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Celebrates Tenth Gold sofi

The folks at Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. are still celebrating their Old Port Lobster Flatbread’s  win of the 2013 sofi™ Award for Outstanding Frozen Savory. This is the 10th sofi™ Gold Award that the company has won for its lobster specialties.

The Old Port Lobster Flatbread was one of 125 finalists selected by a national panel of specialty food professionals from a record-setting 2573 entries across 32 award categories.  Winners were announced July 1, 2013 by internationally-acclaimed Chef Marcus Samuelsson at a red carpet ceremony at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.

“We are delighted and honored to win and we appreciate getting the recognition for our great gourmet products”, said the company’s founder and president, Cal Hancock.  “We were told by many at the show that this was the best thing they tasted.”

The Old Port Lobster Flatbread is made with big chunks of Maine lobster, artichokes, parsley, and lemon herb butter, topped with Romano cheese on a flavorful oval flatbread.   “There is a whole lobster in each flatbread and we really do focus on quality,” said Hancock. “As we like to say ‘Welcome to Maine…the way food should be.’”  Judges consider quality, taste, innovativeness, ingredients, merchandisability, and best in class when determining finalists. The specialty food industry each year turns to the results of this competition to discover emerging trends, as well as the highest-quality, most innovative products.

“Winning a gold sofi™ Award has always meant getting greater recognition in the gourmet food world and in the media”, said Hancock. “It has helped us grow our business and helps us continue making great gourmet products for all of our customers.”

Hancock Gourmet has been nominated for the awards numerous times in its 13-year history, taking home Gold Awards for Pemaquid Point Lobster Pot Pies (2003); Cundy’s Harbor Lobster Stew (2007), Port Clyde Lobster Mac & Cheese (2008 and 2010), Spruce Head Smoked Scallop Lobster Bisque (2008), Linekin Bay Lobster Corn Chowder (2010), York Harbor Lobster Risotto on the Half Shell (2011), Orr’s Island Oyster Stew (2011),  The company won Best Product Line in 2011 and was previously a finalist for its Nubble Light Lobster Wellington (2005) and for Best Product Line (2008).