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Wake Up and Smell The Salmon Bacon!

MacKnight Food Group is bringing out a product that the company says will allow consumers to enjoy bacon without the guilt. The secret is salmon.

MacKnight says that its new salmon bacon brings an undersea spin to bacon and that it’s packed with flavor and delivers the same crispy goodness as the original. In short, salmon bacon offers a healthy alternative with less fat and calories.

Salmon Bacon Image 2According to Ian MacKnight of MacKnight Food Group, the salmon bacon is derived from freshly smoked salmon and offers a new take for bacon lovers. “Salmon bacon is a very versatile product and may be cooked in a variety of ways,” says MacKnight. “In addition, this simple substitute can have a big impact on the daily diet. Our product has 80 calories and 5 grams of fat in a two ounce serving, compared to the 300 calories and 47 grams of fat traditional bacon packs.”

MacKnight adds that its salmon burgers, now carried by select Wal-Mart retailers, is another product that offers a guilt-free option for enjoying comfort food. “Rather than sacrifice a day’s worth of calories on one meal such as a bacon cheeseburger, make smarter choices with healthier products,” says MacKnight. “Salmon burgers and salmon bacon are the perfect alternatives for those not willing to swear off bacon cheeseburgers entirely.”


Truffle Sopressata from Aux Delices des Bois

Sopressata PLUS Truffle, all in one mouthful. Could there be anything more orgasmic? Just look at this!


Okay, enough panting about the porky deliciousness. Let’s get back to business.

Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Sopressata delivers earthy elegance. The heady aroma of truffle perfumes the sweet pork and lingers on the palate. These exquisite, rare tubers are hunted éby trained pigs in the forest.All natural sausage contains no artificial nitrates. Pigs are Certified Humanely Raised. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used.

No need to wait for the holidays.  Luxurious flavor comes at a reasonable price. Truffle Sopressata adds character to charcuterie platters, alongside toasted brioche and écornichons. Accompany raclette or fondue. Set out with champagne as an aperitif. Replace other sausage in potato dishes, paella, hearty tomato soup, and egg dishes.

Deli Slicing – 2-3 lb piece, sold by weight. 3 pc/cs

Retail Chub – 6-7 oz piece, sold 12/cs

Alexian Introduces Chicken Ballotine in New Package Size at #SFFS13

Alexian, known for its fine pates and terrines, is introducing a restaurant gourmet classic, 
Chicken Ballotine, in convenient retail pack 5-ounce slices. See it at booth #361.
French in its origin, a ballotine is traditionally a boned thigh of chicken, duck or other
poultry stuffed with forcemeat and other ingredients that enhance the flavor of the meat
being prepared.
Alexian Chicken Ballotine is prepared with a split breast of chicken that encases minced
chicken meat, pistachio nuts and a medley of dried tropical fruits including, papaya,
raisins, apricots and pineapple. The prepared meat is then baked slowly in a terrine to a
mouth-watering, rich golden brown.
Fruit is always a wonderful complement to poultry, and its texture and color with the
pistachios combine to promise an extraordinary tasting experience.
The chicken itself is raised on a local Pennsylvania farm, and is certified to be free of
added hormones and antibiotics. The farm must also certify that their animals are
vegetarian-fed and that their breeding and raising practices are humane and sensitive to
the good health and well being of their animals.
“I love this product ! It’s just beautiful to look at and it’s so versatile to use as center of the
plate, with salad, couscous or any vegetable; or just as an appetizer or snack,” said
Laurie Cummins, President of Alexian. “We’re excited to offer such a healthy and
colorful delicacy in a convenient 5-ounce package!”
As any Alexian product, the Chicken Ballotine is all natural, with no artificial flavors, no
artificial colors, no preservatives, no fillers. It is also pork-free and gluten-free.
For more information, visit booth 361 at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show or check

Aux Delices des Bois Premieres Fresh Sausage #SFFS13

By Lorrie Baumann

Aux Delices des Bois is premiering a line of nine varieties of fresh sausage in booth #4214. They’re all natural, certified humanely raised with no antibiotics or hormones. The animals are fed a vegetarian diet. Charcutier Charles Ventre is Brooklyn-born and raised. “in Brooklyn, it’s a social event when you shop for food. It’s personal, and so the sausage I developed is born of that social process. A lot of people who’ve lived in Brooklyn tell me that they taste our sausage, and it tastes like home.”

The fresh sausages are very unlike anything else in the market, in that they adhere to the traditions of the Brooklyn pork store, according to Ventre. “You just cook them, put them in your hand and eat it,” Ventre says. “You don’t need anything else with it. They stand on their own.”

Aux Delices des Bois is also offering a full line of charcuterie, bacons and butters. Each of these products has won a sofi award, “and we won a Good Food Award for 2013 for our Spanish-Style Chorizo,” Ventre says.

After the show, find Aux Delices des Bois at or email

Florida Whole Foods Stores Now Featuring Exclusive Line of Charcuterie

Whole Foods’ Florida stores is now featuring a private-labeled line of all-natural charcuterie. The products are sold under the Chestnut Valley Charcuterie label and produced by Transatlantic Foods.

“The clean, feisty flavors of our pure pork charcuterie are rockin’ the Sunshine State,” says Thierry Farges, Owner of Transatlantic Foods. “We continue traditional production methods passed down to us by the original Brooklyn pork store guys.”

Sopressatta, chorizo, fennel, pepperoni, Genoa and coppa sausages are among the new additions to the Florida deli departments. The sausage is seasoned with spices such as fennel pollen, juniper berry, and Spanish paprika; hand-stuffed; tied and naturally fermented before drying.

Transatlantic Foods uses certified humanely raised pork fed an all-vegetarian diet. There are no nitrates or artificial additives, hormones or antibiotics.

Transatlantic Foods will be exhibiting in booth 4214 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

Personnel Change at Transatlantic Foods

Cynthia Chovet has joined Transatlantic Foods as Sales Manager. Chovet was previously U.S. Wholesale & Retail Operations Manager for O&CO, a luxury brand of Mediterranean foods; Owner of Amuse Bouche, an upscale prepared foods retailer in Fairfield County, Conn.; and Vice President of Operations for Knipschildt Chocolatier, an artisanal chocolate company.

Transatlantic Foods is also in the process of certifying a new northern New Jersey facility for the production of more charcuterie, fresh sausage and bacon. Transatlantic currently produces artisanal cured meats, sausage, bacon and butters in the New York City metro region. Products are sold nationwide.

Visit Les Trois Petits Cochons at Dairy-Deli-Bake

Les Trois Petit Cochons will be exhibiting next week at Dairy-Deli-Bake in Orlando from June 2-4 in booth 5269 and invites customers and friends to stop by for samples.

Les Trois Petits Cochons has produced award-winning, all natural pâté and charcuterie since 1975 by crafting small, handmade batches using high-quality ingredients.

One of the most awarded specialty food companies in North America, Les Trois Petits Cochons began as a small charcuterie in Greenwich Village, New York City. Today Les Trois Petits Cochons leads the pâté and charcuterie industry, offering a complete line of artisanal pâtés, mousses, terrines, sausages, saucissons, smoked meats and other French specialties.

EVOL Foods Announces Retail Partnership with Target

EVOL® Foods, Boulder-based maker of made-from-scratch natural and organic frozen meals and snacks, announced a number of its burritos and entrees will now be available at Target stores nationwide. By expanding distribution to a wider audience, EVOL is continuing to share its mission to provide convenient, great-tasting, nutritious frozen food options that focus on using organic, all-natural ingredients.

To kick off EVOL’s product distribution at Target, the company will be offering limited time price deals. Running through June 15, customers will be able to purchase two of the frozen entree bowls for $7 and two of the frozen burritos for$4.

“Our partnership with Target marks an exciting time for EVOL Foods as we expand and grow,” said COO and Founder Phil Anson. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share our love of food with the Target community and provide shoppers with real food that is not only all-natural and healthy, but convenient and perhaps most important, delicious.”

EVOL Burritos
EVOL Foods started with burritos and has recently expanded its burrito product line to include a number of healthy and delicious options. Earlier this year, the company expanded its classic line of burritos, including its best selling Bean & Cheddar and Cilantro Lime Chicken flavors, to include two new lines – “Plus” Burritos with Guacamole and Gluten Free Burritos.

The new line of Plus Burritos with Guacamole take the frozen burrito experience to the next level by offering hot, delicious burritos with a side service of cool, complementary guacamole. This is the first product in the natural/organic handheld category to offer a convenient, ready-to-eat guacamole packet made from hass avocados. EVOL is also offering new, dairy-free Gluten Free Burritos for consumers with gluten and daily allergies. Made with a whole grain gluten-free tortilla that holds up in both the freezer and microwave, the new Gluten Free Chicken, Gluten Free Shredded Beef and Gluten Free Chicken Plus burrito options are stuffed with an authentic tomato & roasted corn salsa and the most premium flavors and spices.

EVOL Entrees
EVOL offers a number of chef-inspired frozen entrees for quick, healthy meal options. The popular gluten-free EVOL entree offerings include: a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Fire Grilled Steak Bowl, Chicken Enchilada Bake and Bean & Cheddar Enchilada Bake. This spring, EVOL introduced a new line of pasta bowls. These new entree options offer a twist on timeless classics such as macaroni and cheese and other Italian favorites.

The all-natural and vegetarian Truffle Parmesan Mac and Cheese Bowl is an elegant tubetti pasta dish featuring authentic Urbani black truffles from Italy and is topped off with crunchy panko bread crumbs for a finishing touch sure to please the palate. The Chipotle Chicken Mac and Cheese gives a spicy kick to traditional macaroni and cheese, featuring a blend of crushed tortilla chips and panko crumbs for added texture on top of the bowl. Rounding out the new pasta options is an Italian classic, Ziti Bolognese, as well as a Chicken Vegetable Pasta Bowl.

EVOL’s products have no artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives or fillers. Chicken, beef, pork, eggs and cheese come from animals on US Family Farms that are fed a 100-percent vegetarian diet and raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Cheese is rBGH, rBST and rennet free. Grains, vegetables and oils are non-GMO.

Horse, Pig and Rat Meat Adulteration Now Easy to Detect with Simple 1-Hour Visual Field Test

USA-based Biotech Company Alpha Diagnostic Int’l (ADI) has developed and released a 1-hour horse, pig and rat meat adulteration/contamination ELISA field test, which detects the presence of horse, pig or rat meat-specific proteins in grounded or sliced meat samples (fresh or frozen) from horse, rat, pig/pork, cow/beef, cat, dog, sheep/goat and chicken. ADI’s 1-Hour horse/pig/rat meat adulteration ELISA is primarily geared towards use by meat processing plants, bulk meat buyers, and sellers at restaurants and grocery stores, as well as by qualified laboratories and law enforcement agencies.

The aim is to perform quick and independent testing of meat samples without the hassle and cost of sending samples to an outside lab facility and waiting for results. The exploitation of meat is easier and more pronounced in the absence of a do-it-yourself test. Therefore, introducing a rapid, sensitive, and inexpensive horse, pig and rat meat field test is necessary to detect and control the meat adulteration issue around the world.

The emerging food safety concerns in 2013, including horse meat adulteration of beef in Europe, and rat meat adulteration in China, once again, is the result of limited testing availabilities by the federal agencies. These scandals have led to huge financial losses by meat suppliers due to the recall of tainted beef products and have also damaged the trust of the consumers.

The DNA tests currently in use can only be performed by very few expert laboratories, and it is time consuming and very expensive. In Europe, there are test result delays due to the collection, processing, and sending of many samples to very few testing labs. There is an urgent need to develop a simple, rapid, and inexpensive test that can be performed on-site at grocery stores, meat-packaging plants, restaurants and fast food suppliers (Taco Bell, Burger King, etc).

In comparison to the horse DNA test, the ADI 1-hour horse/pig/rat meat protein ELISA field test is far superior due to its high sensitivity (1 part per million for ELISA vs. 1 part per 10,000 For DNA), speed (1 hour vs. many hours to days), and efficacy (processes a large number of samples). In addition, the overall cost of an ELISA field test is much less than the total cost of a DNA test.

Specialty Food Producers Show Off Their Stuff in Chicago

Several Specialty Food Association member companies have banded together to show off their fancy food products in their foodservice-size packages in a special pavilion in booth #8074 in the North Hall at the NRAShow. A few of them are offering sneak peeks at products that they’ll be bringing to next month’s Summer Fancy Food Show and are willing to talk about what we can expect to see this year in New York, where the association will be drawing back the curtain that has been cloaking its new Specialty Food branding since January and showing us what its “Craft. Care. Joy.” tagline is all about.

This year’s Summer Fancy Food Show will be the largest ever, says Louise Kramer, Communications Director for the Specialty Food Association. “The people behind the product is what we’re celebrating,”

 Joe Tea and Chips

Joe Tea and Chips is here at the NRA Show talking about a diverse line of chips as well as teas, lemonades and half-and-halfs. “We’re a leading supplier to Whole Foods in the New York metropolitan market, and we’ve begun to ship internationally,” says Steven Prato, President of Joe Tea and Chips. We make products with very distinctive taste profiles. They’re anything but subtle.” Visit in the New Jersey Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show. This is Joe Tea and Chips’ debut year at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

San Gennaro Foods

San Gennaro Foods is showing off a frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal that’s brand new. “You just pop it in the microwave for two to three minutes, and you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to five days,” says Angela Mascio, Vice President of San Gennaro Foods. “It’s all natural, 100 percent natural, with no preservatives – all real ingredients.” She adds, “The product is packaged in a cardboard carton that can be popped into a purse and taken along to the office for those mornings when you’re in a hurry to get to the office.” San Gennaro Foods and the Heat & Serve Steel Cut Oatmeal will be in booth #4451 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.


Smokinlicious is here at the NRA Show debuting Smokin’ Dust[R] spices for the fire. The idea is that when you’re grilling, you use the smoke or the natural coals to put flavor into the food. The Smokin’ Dust adds other flavors, says Terry Grant, “Doctor Smoke” of Smokinlicious. The company makes a full line of Kosher-certified products for smoking and natural wood grilling. Visit at booth #5019 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.


Donna Kutz, national sales manager for Alexian, is showing off Pheasant &Rosemary, Duck with Cognac and Truffle Mousse pates here at the NRA Show. Chicken Ballotine that’s joining the line of 5-ounce slices will be premiering in the “What’s New” section at the Summer Fancy Food Show. “Our 5-ounce slice line is going over so well that we’re adding the Chicken Ballotine to it,” she says. “Not everyone likes liver, so we’re adding another choice so we can please everybody.” Visit at the NRA Show in booth #8074 and in booth # 361 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

 Char Crust

Char Crust is showing its Char Crust dry rub spice mixtures in booth #8074. The latest flavor is Java Buzz, a mole flavor accented with a touch of coffee. “The coffee is micro-ground so it’s never gritty and has really nice flavor distribution throughout the rub. All of the urbs are Kosher certified, Clean Label, and available for both retail and food service. What sets us apart from all other rubs is that Char Crust seals in the juices, so much so that ‘Seals in the Juices’ is our registered trademark,” says Susan Eriksen, Vice President and “Mrs. Char Crust.” Visit in booth # 4153 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

 Craft. Care. Joy.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to is very excited that we’re back in New York,” says Ken Seiter, Chief Marketing Director for the Specialty Food Associatiion “There will be 180,000 products from 80 countries and about 2,400 exhibits. We’re introducing our new brand, which is a celebration of what we’re all about – the brands, the products, and the people who make them, the passion and the care and the joy that they deliver through their product. Our tag is ‘Craft. Care. Joy,’ and it’s really what they put into them.”

 De Nigris USA

De Nigris USA is here at the NRAShow with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. De Nigris is the largest producer of wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar in Italy since 1889. “We’re the only fully integrated balsamic vinegar producer, in that we purchase no other products except the raw materials, so that we control the entire production from the grape to the finished product,” says Jason Topolewski, National Sales Manager. The company just acquired an olive oil mill in Salerno, Italy, and this year won a gold medal at the 2013 New York International Olive Oil Competition. The olive oil, DOP Salerno Extra Virgin Olive Oil, will be featured in booth #1880 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

 Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas is showing off foodservice packages of its single-origin vanillas from Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti. “We offer beans and extracts from all of those countries. We also have a paste for foodservice, and it’s also available for the retail market,” says Michael Stickney, Director of Special Accounts for Nielsen-Massey. “In addition, we have eight flavored extracts.” Expect to see more flavored extracts in booth #736 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

 Tillen Farms

Tillen Farms is outside the Specialty Food Association pavilion in booth # 7668 at the NRA Show and will be in booth #4320 downstairs at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Tillen Farms is showing off its unique range of specialty pickled vegetables and natural cherries, all grown and processed in the Pacific Northwest. For the Summer Fancy Food Show, Tillen Farms will be making the formal introduction of its new Rainier Reserve and Pink Blush cherries. “We’ve already gotten a good deal of interest from specialty retailers and restaurant chains,” said Tim Metzger, President and Owner of Tillen Farms. “In fact, PF Chang’s with 210+ locations around the country will be featuring our Pink Blush cherries nationwide on their cocktail menu in June.”