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Serve Restaurant-Quality Pasta Sauces at Home

MOB PutanescaMichaels of Brooklyn traditional Italian tomato sauces taste like homemade because they use the same ingredients a talented home cook would use. It’s very simple—imported tomatoes from Italy, fresh herbs and spices, garlic or onion, and olive oil—but the result is an extraordinary range of fresh, delicious sauces in six distinctive flavors—Marinara, Tomato Basil, Filetto di Pomodoro, Puttanesca, Arrabbiata, and the newest flavor, Home Style Gravy.

MOB MarinaraIt’s not so unusual for a landmark Italian restaurant to bottle their famous sauce and sell it to the public. But what sets Michaels of Brooklyn apart is that they cook their sauce entirely on premises in their Sheepshead Bay restaurant—from scratch, using only fresh ingredients that are prepped, sautéed, and blended by hand every day in the restaurant kitchen, with no additives or preservatives of any kind.

Michaels of Brooklyn sauces are distributed nationally and are available in all major stores.  It can be found at most supermarkets and grocery stores, as well as specialty gourmet stores such as Gourmet Garage, Whole Foods, Fairway, Eli’s and Grace’s. The sauce is sold in economical 32-ounce jars that are 33 percent larger than most brands (and generously feed a family of four).  These products can also be purchased directly online at


Tasting the Goodness at #ExpoEast


Sustainably grown and ethically-produced caffeine is fueling a healthy buzz on the show floor at Natural Products Expo East this morning, and we’re finding lots of new products on the market from companies that have exercised their ingenuity with simple ingredients and careful processing. There’ll be more news on what we’re seeing and tasting in Tuesday’s Gourmet Newswire, of course, but for now, here are a few samples.

Louis Lombardi’s face smiles out from the labels on his just-released line of sauces, oils and pastas in the Madoro USA booth. Madoro is producing the line for Lombardi from ingredients imported from Italy. The website for the line is now live at

Chia is here and making lots of friends, even boasting, as it does, that it’s a superfood. Salba Chia even boasts that it’s “smarter than your average chia,” with a label on its deed packets that claims more than 3,000 milligrams of Omega-3s per serving. Chia is high in fiber and a good source of calcium, magnesium and copper. In addition to packets of the whole seeds, Salba is offering Salba Smart Organic Tortilla Chips in 100-calorie packs.

Blue Horizon Wild is offering four varieties of prepared seafood entrees steam-cooked en papillote and frozen to be microwaved in the paper pouch for a chef-crafted meal in minutes. All four varieties, Seafood Enchiladas, Sweet & Spicy Filet of Sole, Mediterranean Salmon and Seafood Cioppino, feature premium wild-caught seafood. More information is available at Blue Horizon Wild is a brand of Elevation Brands, which also produces Ian’s Natural Foods, which is introducing two new flavors of the kids line, Smokin’ Sweet breaded Chicken Nuggets, which are gluten-free and whole grain and Southwest breaded Chicken Tenders, also gluten-free and whole grain. Both exclude common allergies, including wheat, eggs, nuts and soy. More information on these products is available at

mysuperfoods has a line of granola bars targeted for children. Made with whole-grain oats, flaxseed for o-3 and low sugar content. Co-founder Kate Jesionowski and her bisiness partner Silvia Gianni have five kids between them and vouch for the fact that kids actually like these. The company launched at last year’s Expo East and its products are already being sold in more than 200 stores. More information is available at

Gold Mine Natural Food Co. had its silver sofi statuette in the booth behind samples of the Organic Kimchee that brought home the finalist award at this summer’s Fancy Food Show. The kimchee is riding that wave of success along with a trend for fermented foods that responds to an awareness of the value of probiotics for healthy intestinal flora, says Brad Bowers, wholesale sales representative for the company.

Lombardi’s Italian Food Line Ready for Launch


(Photo by Todd Harrison Yaskal)

Actor Louis Lombardi’s brand-new line of pastas, olives, olive oils and pasta sauces will make its bow to the public with the launch of a website at LOMBARDIUSA.COM on Wednesday. That’s right, this Wednesday, September 25.

Mr. Lombardi was kind enough to sit down with Gourmet News for the whole story of how he came to create a line of foods that he hopes will bring more families back to the dinner table at home instead of around the table at a neighborhood fast food joint. Watch for that story in the November issue of Gourmet News, released to our online readers on September 25.

Passage Foods Now Certified Gluten-Free

Passage Foods range of authentic cooking sauces are now certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). The Passage Foods range includes Passage to Mexico, Passage to Thailand, Passage to Morocco, and Passage to Europe as well as several other classic and ethnic product ranges. Each of the 23 different simmer sauces is a blend of fresh ingredients creating a recipe deep in the traditional flavors of its country such as Moroccan Harissa, Red Thai Curry, Spanish Chicken and Chipotle Lime. “It has always been in our brand’s DNA that Passage Foods products be gluten-free and we have always used third-party testing to detect gluten to a level of 5 parts per million. The Celiac community understands the importance of this testing, but there is a much larger share of the North America population that is now practicing a gluten-restricted diet as a healthy lifestyle choice,” states Passages’ Mark MacKenzie. “We knew that the Gluten Intolerance Group through their GFCO program was the foremost trusted certification program available, and we felt that partnering was an important message to both our healthy lifestyle and celiac customers.”

Miss Lily’s Line of Jamaican Sauces and Marinades Launches into NYC Market

Miss Lily’s new line of Jamaican sauces and marinades is now available at Fairway, Gourmet Garage, Dean & DeLuca, Zabar’s, Eli’s, and Foragers (Brooklyn store only) in addition to Miss Lily’s store (132 West Houston Street) and website. Developed by Suzanne Couch, Miss Lily’s Culinary Director and a renowned caterer in Jamaica, the three flavors include Rass Hot Jerk BBQ, Jerk BBQ, and Jerk Marinade.

Allowing home cooks to bring the flavors of Jamaica into their own kitchen or backyard grill, the sauces are incredibly easy to use – just brush onto meats, seafood, or vegetables and grill or bake. The classic Jamaican, all-natural ingredients include scallions, brown sugar, Habanero chilies, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, cumin, Scotch Bonnet peppers, and more. A portion of proceeds go to the Rockhouse Foundation, an organization chaired by Miss Lily’s founder Paul Salmon and designed to support education in Jamaica.

Drawing from the diverse roots of Jamaican cuisine, Miss Lily’s kitchen offers delicacies like jerk chicken, escovitch fish, oxtail and curried goat seasoned with scotch bonnet peppers and fiery jerk spices. In addition to Miss Lily’s Restaurant, a beach shack meets Jamaican diner, Miss Lily’s also includes: Miss Lily’s Café – all the classics of the restaurant menu with an added section of homemade Jamaican patties, Trinidadian rotis, salads/sandwiches, vegetarian options, and sweets; Melvin’s Juice Box – a favorite juice bar in the city from juicing legend Melvin Major, Jr.; and Miss Lily’s Variety Shop – an expertly-curated, West Indian record store, gallery and boutique. The front of Miss Lily’s Variety Shop is home to Miss Lily’s Radio, an internet radio station spinning reggae and other Jamaican jams.

Date Lady Organic Date Syrup Now Available in Pacific Northwest Whole Foods Markets

Date Lady™ Organic Date Syrup is now available in Whole Foods markets in the Northern California and Pacific Northwest regions through Renaissance Specialty Foods of South San Francisco and Crown Pacific Fine Foods of Kent, Wash., respectively.

Date Lady Date Syrup as well as the newly introduced Caramel Sauce are USDA Organic and kosher certified, and are naturally sweetened by the dates themselves, said Colleen Sundlie, company founder. With more potassium per ounce than bananas, date syrup is increasingly finding favor with U.S. consumers as a whole food and an alternative sweetener both on the table as a condiment as well as for cooking and baking, Sundlie said. It also has become more sought after as an ingredient by manufacturers interested in finding substitutes for sweeteners that consumers are tending to avoid, she added.

Date Lady Date Syrup contains only 100 percent organic dates, and Date Lady Caramel Sauce contains only three ingredients with no added sweeteners. The sweetness comes from the dates themselves, Sundlie said. The Date Syrup and Caramel Sauce are packaged in 12-ounce jars with suggested retail prices of $7.99 and $8.99 respectively. Whole organic dates are available in a resealable 8-ounce pouch with a suggested retail price of $6.99.

More information and recipes are available online at or by calling (417) 414-2282.

New Mongolian Sauce isn’t Just for Beef

A tried and true favorite among gluten-free foodies, San-J has debuted a seventh luscious flavor to its delectable gluten-free line-up that already includes Teriyaki, Szechuan, Asian BBQ, Thai Peanut, Sweet & Tangy and Orange Sauce. Just like all other San-J cooking sauces, the new Mongolian Sauce is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, made from San-J’s famous Tamari soy sauce with 100 percent soybeans and no wheat content.

San-J Cooking Sauces are the easiest way for the home gourmet to make restaurant-quality Asian meals at home. Each one is tasty enough to be versatile in a variety of dishes involving meats, fresh vegetables, seafood or your own favorite concoction. Use them hot or cold for stir-fries, marinades, grilling, glazing or dipping.

Of course, the new Mongolian sauce is the fastest, easiest and tastiest way to make authentic Mongolian Beef in your own kitchen. Starting with ½ to 1 pound of flank steak, cut it thinly across the grain into strips. Coat the strips with corn starch, then stir-fry in hot oil. To finish, simply add San-J Mongolian Sauce, top with sliced green onions and serve. All the delectable flavors of traditional Mongolian Beef are already in the sauce, including ginger, garlic and just the right touch of sweetness. You can also get creative and experiment with Mongolian chicken, shrimp or tofu! Whichever you prepare, you’ll be rewarded with a perfect balance of sweet and savory tastes – and a dish befitting the finest home chef.

New Mongolian Beef Stir-Fry & Marinade is the first of San-J’s cooking sauces to be verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. You can learn more about all of San-J’s gluten-free sauces at

Passage to Europe Cooking Sauces: Classic Recipes Made Easy

Passage Foods keeps cooking with the launch of Creamy Beef Stroganoff Simmer Sauce and Spanish Chicken Casserole Simmer Sauce.  Each of these European classic dishes is made with all fresh ingredients to ensure the full flavors are captured for a true restaurant quality meal served at home.  Originating in the haute cuisine of the 19th century, these Passage to Europe simmer sauces are certified gluten free, all natural and preservative free. Each sauce is added to a choice of meat and vegetables and simmered to be ready in less than twenty minutes.


“There has been such a focus on nouvelle and fusion cuisine that sometimes we fail to give justice to traditional and the tried-and-true recipes,” says Passage Foods’ Mark MacKenzie.  “These two dishes are wonderful, classic comfort foods.  They may not be esoteric, modern day ingredient creations, but they are always a huge success at the dinner table.  Restaurant trends tend to dictate what consumers want at home and traditional, comfort foods have stepped out as one of the leading food growth areas of the last few years.”

More than 74 percent of American consumers believe comfort foods are a rising trend, outdistancing health food (61 percent) and organic food (59 percent), according to a recent Bon Appetit survey.  Overall retail sales of comfort foods have been rising since 2008 and show no signs of slowing as consumers have rediscovered cooking more at home and look to find indulgence in products that are known and less complicated.  The Passage to Europe Simmer Sauce recipes start with the very best stocks and are blended with simple quality ingredients for perfect everyday meals.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Meal Starter Sauce Picked as Top Trend

Terrapin Ridge Farms’ Pot Roast Meal Starter was selected by a panel of journalists and food experts as one of the top five trends at the Summer Fancy Food Show held June 30-July 2 in New York City.

Terrapin Ridge meal starter sauceThe Pot Roast Meal Starter was part of the “Global Meal Starter” trend identified at the show and shares this honor with Saffron Road’s Harissa, Korean Stir Fry and Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauces, Kaldes Bros. Trading Co.’s Greek Cooking Sauces and Kitchens of Africa’s Maffé Peanut and Yassa Onion Simmer Sauces. Meal starters have gained popularity in recent years and serve as flavorful ways to liven up meat, vegetable, potato or rice-based dishes.

“We have been perfecting the recipes for our meal starter sauces over the past few months and to be selected as a top trend at a show with over 80,000 specialty food products is truly an honor,” said Terrapin Ridge Farms’ CEO Mary O’Donnell. “It feels good to know we are on the right track.”

Terrapin Ridge Farms created its line of meal starters because of requests from a few top retail customers.

“Staying close to our customers’ wants and needs is important for many reasons. One major reason is they are close to the end consumer and can spot trends and top selling items rapidly,” added O’Donnell.

Terrapin Ridge Farms adds this brand new product line up of mouthwatering meal starter sauces to an already robust product catalog. The Pineapple Molasses and Herb Meal Starter add a sweet and savory punch to poultry and pork. The Pot Roast Meal Starter is perfect for slow-cooking a beef roast. The Carnitas Meal Starter is perfect for pork or beef and makes meat tender for tacos, burritos or nachos. The meal starters will be available in stores and on-line for purchase in August of 2013.

Braswell’s Dressing Makes a Great Simmer Sauce

By Lorrie Baumann

Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato dressing from Braswell’s makes a great simmer sauce for chicken. I picked up a 9.5 fluid ounce carafe of all-natural  Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato dressing last week in my local Safeway because it happened to catch my eye when I was in the condiments aisle looking for something else. Tonight I just poured about half the sauce over three chicken breasts in a plastic bag and let it marinate for a couple of hours. About an hour before dinner, I just put the three chicken breasts into a cast iron casserole, poured the sauce in over it, covered the dish, and simmered for about 50 minutes at 220 degrees on the induction burner. The result was tender, moist and flavorful chicken  that more than met my criteria for a successful dish, in that it both looked and tasted like it took WAY more trouble than it actually did.

As as I generally expect from Braswell’s, once I’ve used the rest of the dressing, I’ll still have something that I’ll continue to use. Braswell’s calls this a carafe, as indeed it is, but I’m planning to use it as a vase for this summer’s flowers from my garden.