Tackle Your Shrink with North Shore Living Herbs

Fresh herbs continue to grow in popularity and are considered a staple for any produce department. Consumer demand is expected to increase due to healthy eating trends and a renewed interest in cooking at home. North Shore Living Herbs® offer a solution for retailers looking to meet consumer demand in a category long associated with high levels of shrink.

Stop by booth 4324 at the PMA Fresh Summit to find out more about what North Shore Living Herbs can do for your fresh herbs category. The company is raffling off a yet-unreleased Playstation 4 gaming system and Madden 25 game as part of North Shore’s call to “Tackle your shrink.”  

North Shore Living Herbs are packaged with the roots intact so they have a significantly longer shelf life than traditional cut herbs. The resulting freshness leads to a more profitable herb category and more satisfied consumers.

North Shore Living Herbs are the original living herb and were first brought to market approximately 17 years ago as a solution to the lack of freshness found in the traditional fresh herb category. They are grown year-round in Southern California on a family-owned and operated farm and shipped all across the United States and into Canada.

Greenhouse Basil PictureNorth Shore offers both a clamshell and potted line to maximize sales in the fresh herb category. All of North Shore’s products are grown hydroponically in state-of-the-art greenhouses in accordance with strict food safety guidelines. They have always been grown as culinary items meant for consumption, as opposed to floral products. The potted line has a 2-inch pot and a shipping and display tray that fits nine plants. In addition, the plant is mature and intended for immediate culinary use. North Shore grows it so the consumer doesn’t have to.

North Shore works with its retail partners to implement a customized program built around the needs and demographics of the target market. The company has found found that cross-merchandising herbs with other produce items increases sales and builds the category. Basil has long been merchandised with tomatoes, however, North Shore recommends that retailers begin to take advantage of the consumers interest in lesser known pairings. For example, rosemary goes wonderfully with potatoes and mint with melons.


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