New Packaging from Gimme! Coffee Announced

Gimme! Coffee, an Ithaca, NY-based coffee roaster/retailer, is launching a bold, new look for the company’s retail coffee bags. Over a year of focused research, design, and customer feedback has been considered in the design of the new sustainable packaging. The new bags are initially scheduled to hit the shelves mid-October with a complete rollout expected by November 1, 2013.

NewBagFlyWorking closely with TekPak Solutions, an innovator in compostable and biodegradable packaging materials, the new bags are now made of a more sustainable, omni-degradable, Kraft paper material. Unlike the old mylar bags, after the tin ties and one-way valves are removed, the material biodegrades or composts in the presence of active microbes in water, soil, or landfills.

NewLabelsFlyAdditionally, the new packaging includes simplified tasting notes on the front label and expanded information on the back label, allowing the consumer to make a more informed buying decision.

“We are fired up about the new custom-printed bags knowing that everywhere you can buy our coffee – it’s like being greeted in a whole new way by a familiar friend,” said David McKinley, Grocery Category Manager at Gimme! Coffee. “The big leap with this improvement is reducing waste while providing more substance. The new labeling delivers a better picture of the coffee inside the bag, and the biodegradable bag material both protects the freshness and – the future. It’s a deeply satisfying improvement for us and our conscientious customers.”

Gimme! Coffee’s wholesale and grocery divisions provide specialty coffee, equipment, training, and ongoing brand support to clients ranging from espresso bars to restaurants, small to mid-sized businesses, and grocers nationwide. The new packaging will be a bold and prominent feature in these wholesale and retail settings.

“The new design features our popular ‘splash logo’ that our customers love. The same popularity we’ve experienced with our round stickers come into play with this dynamic, powerful design,” said Eric C. Lindstrom, Director of Marketing and Communications for Gimme! Coffee. “When working on this design we wanted to create a bold statement about our brand and reduce ‘package overload’ on the shelves with a clean and more readable design.”

As the new packaging is rolled out and tested in the field, the company plans to make adjustments to optimize the materials and messaging to best accommodate their products.

Gimme! Coffee is an award-winning New York roaster/retailer with espresso bars in Ithaca, Trumansburg, Brooklyn, and Manhattan as well as an online store that sells coffee and coffee-related products. The Gimme! Coffee wholesale division serves customized coffee programs that feature equipment, training, ongoing brand support, and specialty coffees for cafes and restaurants nationwide. For more information on the 2013 Roaster of the Year, visit


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