Spice Lab Honored for Packaging Excellence

Spice Lab awardFrom hundreds of products on display in the New Product Showcase at the recent Natural Products Expo East (NPEE) in Baltimore, The Spice Lab’s Chefs Collections were recognized with the Best Packaging Award. These new 12 tube sea salt or spice sampling selections are attractively displayed in a sturdy wooden base crafted from sustainable bamboo.

The first three offerings in the new line include The Chef’s Collection – Salts of the World, Ultimate Gourmet Salt Sampler and Spice Sampler #1. They have a retail price of $59.95 to $79.95 and will begin shipping in October.

“The Chefs Collection was designed especially for the professional and amateur chef who needs quick and convenient access to a wide range of premium seasonings. You can move the rack around a busy kitchen without concern for the test tubes falling out,” says company Founder Brett Cramer. “By using bamboo we have created a light-weight yet durable display that is aesthetically pleasing and also eco-friendly. And now, it’s already been recognized as an award winner!”

Each Pyrex test tube with all-natural cork stopper holds a different exotic sea salt or spice, containing from .6 to 1.3 ounce, depending on its density. A reference card offers suggestions on which salts or spices go with which dishes, and a bamboo salt spoon also is included.The cardboard gift box has the hand-stamped logo of The Spice Lab. Both the gift box and the wooden base can be customized with a corporate logo.

“I personally curate each collection choosing a colorful array of the most interesting salts that we have discovered,” says Cramer. “Our Chef’s Collections feature some of the best tasting and hard-to-find salts and seasonings from around the world.”

Offering more than 180 different sea salts from 30 countries, The Spice Lab has the largest selection of gourmet sea salts from a single source. The product line includes jarred sea salts and spices, an array of Gourmet Sea Salt Collections, peppercorns and spice mixes, plus salt grinders, plates, stones, lamps and shot glasses, salt cellars, spoons, jars and bath salts.

Founded in 2009, The Spice Lab is a family owned business that recently expanded into a 15,000 square foot building in Pompano Beach, Fla. Its products are sold by major retailers, gourmet and specialty gift shops, online at amazon.com and www.thespicelab.com.


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