Gourmet du Village Introduces Aioli Mixes

Gourmet du Village introduces three flavours of Aioli: Lemon Dill, Roasted Garlic and Mango Curry.

Gourmet du Village aioli mixOriginally from the Provençal region of southern France, aioli has a reputation as an “alternative to mayonnaise”. The versatility of aioli is so diverse that it could be used as a sauce, as a sandwich spread or even as a dip.

Simply mix the Gourmet du Village seasonings with ‘real mayonnaise’ for a fragrant dipping sauce or fondue sauce. Try it with your fries!


Gourmet du Village aioliThese new products along with the entire new collection of Gourmet du Village gifts can be seen at its showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.



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