There’s a New Chip in Town — NoTatoes

NoTatoes are made from “Potato’s Ugly Cousin”, the cassava (yuca) root. Cassava is enjoyed as a snack in many parts of the world. It’s naturally gluten-free, higher in fiber than potato chips and absolutely delicious.

NoTatoes bagNoTatoes has blended the great flavor of cassava with corn and a other simple, all natural ingredients to create the worlds first Cassava Tortilla Chips, NoTatoes! Don’t misunderstand, they love Cousin Potato, but let’s face it he’s not known as a couch potato for nothing! NoTatoes will satisfy any desire for a crunchy, tasty snack while at the same taking waistlines into consideration.

NoTatoes can be enjoyed like any other chip — with salsa, hummus, or all by au naturale (NoTatoes’ favorite way). One taste and you’ll be saying Yes to No…NoTatoes! And why not? With ingredients including cassava flour, stone ground corn, safflower and/or sunflower oil, quinoa, flax seed, sesame seed evaporated, cane juice, sea salt.



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