Ohio’s First Lucky’s Market to Open in Columbus

Ohio is getting a new source of natural foods. Colorado-based Lucky’s Market opens its first store in the Buckeye State on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 2770 N. High St., just north of Arcadia Avenue in the Clintonville area.

Columbus shoppers will find a wide selection of organic, specialty and gluten-free selections, as well as house-made deli items, in-house cured and smoked bacon, local produce, fresh meats and seafood, and a decadent bakery.

The Sharons cropThe Ohio store is the third for Lucky’s, a Boulder favorite that recently added another store in Longmont, Colo. Founders Bo and Trish Sharon met in culinary school, and founded the independent grocery in 2003 to provide a new “foodie” shopping experience.

“Just as we invite guests into our home, we invite our customers into our stores with the goal of creating a memorable experience,” said Trish Sharon. “As food lovers ourselves, we would want to shop at a store built on quality products sold at affordable prices with genuine personal service.”

“We are excited to bring affordable natural foods to Columbus,” said Bo Sharon. “As trained culinary professionals, and downright foodies, we imagine our stores as an oasis of health, kindness and support. We strive to be active in the community, and look forward to providing our friends in Ohio a new taste and experience to bring home to their kitchens.”

The Lucky’s team is passionate about family, friends and community. Bo and Trish Sharon believe that everyone is driven to share experiences through food, and that food-driven moments with family, friends and community are the most rewarding part of the day. The Lucky’s family is made up of four mutually supporting components that couldn’t exist on their own: team members, guests, suppliers, and the environment.

“We seek out local, organic, sustainable and traditionally made foods produced with passion, values and community,” Bo Sharon said. “We hold these three core values close to our hearts.”

The Sharons avoid using such words as “natural” and “organic” to describe the foods Lucky’s sells, because those words often imply expense or exclusivity. Instead, they say they offer “traditional” items to better serve the community in these departments:

  • Produce: The produce department emphasizes three components––local, organic and value. Lucky’s supports local farmers and organic foods, and is committed to selling produce that represents the best value in town.
  • Meat: Lucky’s prides itself on selling “Never-Ever” meats, the USDA’s classification for meat from an animal that was never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics or fed animal byproducts.
  • Grocery: Lucky’s shelves have launched many new companies. Lucky’s works with local vendors to help them build sustainable, successful businesses. The grocery department offers everything from 100 percent raw and vegan goodies to iconic, much beloved breakfast cereals.
  • Deli: Because Lucky’s was founded by two chefs, its prepared foods taste far better than what’s sold in most grocery stores. The deli will also promote local Ohio products, offering meats smoked and roasted in-house as well as freshly prepared foods––vegan and otherwise. It also changes with the seasons, keeping customers curious as to what treats will be offered next.
  • Cheese: Lucky’s offers more than 350 kinds of cheeses, gathered from local cheese makers as well as artisanal producers in the caves of Switzerland. The main objective is to offer a wide variety of cheeses that are affordable and delight customers’ palates.
  • Natural Living: Customers will find skin care, vitamins and supplements, cosmetics and children’s products as well as traditional remedies. Team members at the natural living department are very knowledgeable and are true advocates in sharing knowledge with customers to help them make healthy choices.

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