Holiday-Themed Candy Dispensers from Radz

Looking for a novel tree ornament or stocking stuffer that’s big on bravos without taking a bite out of the budget? Plan to pick up Jingles the Reindeer and Pep the Polar Bear, the cutest and newest Radz candy dispensers which each come with a code unlocking a virtual experience. Radz plans to celebrate the seasons with the launch of winter-inspired characters to be followed by Valentine’s Day and Easter-themed candy-filled toys.

RadzRadz goes a step further for the holidays and sets the price at $4.99 plus gives Jingles and Pep an extra hole in their hat so kids can slip in an ornament hook and hang them on the Christmas tree. At this price, grownups might consider clipping Pep on the outside of a wrapped present or tucking Jingles inside the kids’ lunchbox as they countdown to Santa’s arrival. Better yet, stuff one in every stocking.

Like all Radz dispensers, these playmates have a bonus digital element that keeps the fun going online or with Radz’s apps. Fans of Radz already know that each candy dispenser comes packaged with a Radz Plus Code inside the box. Kids and grownups enter the code and unlock exclusive games and videos. Without the code, kids can still enjoy zany Radz TV clips, shop for candy refills at, and download Radz apps from the Apple App Store (search: Radz).

As the calendar heads toward the end of the year, look for these two new “kids” on the block:

Jingles the Reindeer • $4.99 • All ages

Sorry Rudolph, but this little guy has the cutest red nose and a red winter cap. Jingles sports two brown antlers that make him a standout from all the other Radz characters. Start the season with him and be guaranteed a sweet holiday.

Pep the Polar Bear • $4.99 • All ages

Brighten up the coldest winter days with this white bear properly dressed with a neck scarf and red hat. His black nose and merry eyes make him an adorable addition to the season.

In 2014, the seasonal collection continues with the debut of Valentine’s Day personalities followed by Easter-inspired characters. To find specialty stores that stock the award-winning Radz collectibles, go to Click on the “Shop” tab and then click on “Find A Radz Retailer Near You.” Consumers can also go online to purchase some of the featured characters, candy refills and accessories like Mystery Glasses.


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