Harvest Snaps Launches New Snapea Crisp Flavors

Snackers across America are rejoicing as a new healthier snacking option is hitting store shelves, Harvest Snaps. Formerly known as Snapea Crisps, it is now part of the Harvest Snaps family. The brand has launched new flavors under the Snapea and Lentil varieties that will appeal to all snack fans!

Snapea Crisps-3.3oz-styled-CMYK-caesarFull of flavor, Harvest Snaps’ Snapea Crisps are made from naturally dried peas, which make up 70 percent of the product. Lentil Snaps are made from 65 percent lentils and contain 5 g of protein and 13 percent of your daily fiber. Harvest Snaps are a delicious, guiltless snacking option with lower fat and sodium that are baked, not fried. Snapea Crisps are now available in four different varieties: Lightly Salted, Caesar, Black Pepper and Wasabi Ranch. Lentil Snaps are available in Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme.

From the signature crunch to big flavor and snacking fun, Harvest Snaps offers a healthier snacking option without sacrificing taste. It’s also ideal for school lunch boxes and after school snacks.

Snapea Crisps-3.3oz-styled-CMYK-onion“Snacks should have a great taste without feeling guilty. That is why we are so obsessed with the primary ingredient – which is 70 percent peas. We have fun taking a gift from nature – peas and lentils – and creating a snack that combines both flavorful joy and better nutrition. This is the perfect snack for all ages,” said Steve Kneepkens, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Calbee North America. “Moms love our brand to fill the kids’ lunch box or to put in their purse or backpack. This is a great way to get vegetables into your kids’ snack.  We believe strongly in harvesting the power of nature. We think that we have done that – but you be the judge.”

To learn more about the new brand portfolio and flavors, and to find a retailer near you that carries Harvest Snaps, visit: www.harvestsnaps.com.


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