Gluten-Free Sells at #ExpoEast

LIVE_EEMany of the retailers attending Natural Products Expo East are asking about gluten-free products in response to a trend that still gives no sign of fading away. “Allergy friendly” is another topic of fervent discussion, and many of the vendors here are offering products that respond to those concerns, and they’re all prepared to answer questions on the subject of how their products will meet the needs of customers with a variety of sensitivities.

Bunker Hill Cheese Company’s newest product is a creamy feta cheese made from the milk of cows raised on Amish family farms. Ezra’s Dairy Feta Cheese is part of a family of brands that includes Heini’s Greek Yogurt Cheese, which is a low-cholesterol, high-protein, lactose-free semi-soft cheese with a tart yogurt flavor and live cultures. For more information, visit

Pamela’s Products offers Figgies & Jammies gluten-free and wheat-free fig and fruit bars with a taste and texture that will please those who’d love a supermarket fig bar but don’t want the gluten. The bars come in four varieties: Mission Fig, Fig & Raspberry, Blueberry & Fig, and Fig & Strawberry, with an SRP around $4.99. The company also makes a variety of gluten-free baking mixes packaged for both retail and foodservice sale For more information, visit

Mountain High Organics’ quinoa pastas are gluten-free, taste like traditional wheat pastas and cook in slightly shorter times. The Mountain High pastas are more forgiving than many other quinoa pastas to cooks who aren’t watching the timer closely as they cook, according to Peter Glad, from Mountain High Organics. For more information, visit facebook/traceomeganutrition.

The Spice Lab, which offers gourmet salts and spice has some new gift kits that have retailers who are looking for holiday season gift ideas talking. The 12-fluid ounce jars hold five to 12 ounces of dried herbs, with the weight depending on how densely the leaves will pack naturally, and come with a bamboo serving spoon. The jars retail for around $8-$12, depending on the contents. For more information, visit

Simple Squares organic snack bars are infused with honey and herbs and made with five whole food ingredients. They’re gluten-free and contain no wheat, dairy, corn or soy, and they’re low in sodium and sugars. There are six varieties: Cinna-Clove, Coconut, Coffee, Ginger, Rosemary and Sage. For more information, visit


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