Kontos Foods to Exhibit at Anuga Show in Germany as Part of Global Expansion Effort

Kontos Foods, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of traditional Greek and Mediterranean foods, today announced that as part of its global expansion effort, it will be exhibiting at the Anuga food and beverage show in Cologne, Germany, from Oct. 5 through 9. The company will be showcasing its full line of breads, including its Pocket-Less Pita®, Greek Lifestyle Flatbread, Gyro bread, grilled Panini bread, French-style Crepes, Tandoori Nan, and other ethnic flatbreads. Kontos also plans to show its Fillo and Kataifi dough, and sample its hand-made Classic Baklava to attendees.

“The Anuga show is a key venue for us to share our products with a global audience, with a specific eye on Europe. Europe represents a strong market for shelf-stable flatbreads, which make it easy for both home cooks as well as food service establishments to prepare delicious sandwiches, hot meals or appetizers,” said Steve Kontos, Vice President of Kontos Foods. “We’re also excited to share our Fillo dough and Kataifi dough products with European customers.”

Anuga is the largest food and beverage fair in the world. Over 150,000 trade visitors from 180 countries attend to learn about the latest trends, themes and new products. Over 6,500 companies from 100 countries participate as exhibitors. “Kontos products have a wide appeal across a range of different cultures and ethnicities. The Anuga show is an opportunity to share our offerings with retailers, consumers and foodservice establishments in Europe and beyond,” said Warren Stoll, Kontos Foods’ Marketing Director.

This is the second international trade show Kontos is exhibiting at this year. The first was the Asian Seafood Expo in Wanchai, Hong Kong, held Sept. 3 through 5.

Find Kontos Foods on Twitter@KontosFoods, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kontosfoods.


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