New Line of Single-Origin Chocolate from Norman Love Confections

Norman Love Confections has announced the launch of its NEW single-origin dark chocolate line profiles – titled BLACK™ – in a solid bar form. As part of NLC’s BLACK ultra-premium dark chocolate collection, these five single-origin chocolate bars each represent one of the world’s best growing regions for raw cocoa. Each bar retails for $6.25.

Following is a description of NLC’s BLACK profiles represented in a single solid bar:

Maracaibo 88%: Venezuela – Cacao – Coffee – Licorice – Black tea – Prune. The high percentage of cacao in Maracaibo 88% provides the confection with an uncommon intensity of flavor that will delight those with an adventurous palate and an affinity for dark chocolate. The strong dark chocolate flavor is pleasantly supplemented with a licorice note, which then transfers into a roasted coffee flavor, rounded by a hint of prune. A black tea note accompanies the slow and intensive finish.

Tanzanie 75%: Tanzania – Cacao – Coffee. Created from a very special breed of cacao that has been grown and appreciated by local civilizations since ancient times, Tanzanie 75% comes from the Southeast African region of Tanzania. Like the country of its origin, Origine Tanzanie has a powerful character. This dark chocolate couvature is at once intense and subtle, spicy and fruity, with acidulous notes. It comes from a rare and highly prized Criollo and Forastero blend that makes up only a minor percentage of the world’s total production.

Peru 74%: Peru – Cacao – Black tea – Prune – Licorice – Pepper – Vanilla (woody notes). Gently processed according to tradition on the longitudinal conche, the taste sensation of 74% Cru Peru porcelana couverture begins with a harmonious cacao flavor enveloped in an intensive “Earl Grey” black tea note. The confection’s unique fruity prune bouquet, enhanced by a licorice note with a hint of pepper, is then replaced by a fruity, slightly woody vanilla note to create a long lasting finish.

St. Domingue 70%: Fruity, exotic, dense and powerful, St. Domingue 70% is from the Caribbean paradise of Hispaniola. The island possesses goldfields, but its “brown gold,” or cacao, is also highly treasured. The blend of Forastero and Criollo beans that grow on the Santo Domingo half of the island produces a dark chocolate with a very pronounced cocoa flavor. Its bitterness, enhanced with a fruity and wine-like note, comes into full bloom as a ganache.

Nyangbo 68%: In the southern part of the North African region of Ghana, growing cocoa trees has been a tradition for over a century. This hot and sunny region, with its rich and humid soil, produces the cacao beans used to create NYANGBO Pure Ghana. From the Gulf of Guinea beaches to the Lake Volta, the farmers harvest one of the best cocoas in Africa, on a land that is constantly washed by tropical storms. As a true mirror of its origins, NYANGBO offers a subtle acidity that allows a round chocolate warm note to develop, followed by a soft and sweet spiciness. Its character is enhanced by a delicate bitter presence.

BLACK is available in either an individual solid bar format for $6.25 each or as individual pieces in five-, 10- or 15-piece collections. A five-piece box features one of each single origin chocolate and retails for $15; a 10-piece box features two of each single origin chocolate for $25; and the 15-piece box features three of each single origin chocolate for $35. Prices do not include shipping and applicable taxes.

All of NLC’s core 36 signature flavors, ultra-premium dark chocolate line titled BLACK, and other chocolate products are available online at and in the NLC chocolate salons in Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida.


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