Wine Boot Camp Offers Adventure to Wine Lovers

Wine Boot Camp®, the most talked about wine experience ever, is the extreme insider experience for adventurous Wine Lovers, challenging recruits to dive into wine by rolling up their sleeves and plunging into winegrowing and winemaking during a one-day reconnaissance mission. The all day event is designed for people who are passionate about wine and passionate about life.

On September 28, 2013, Wine Boot Camp® gets serious as WBC officers and recruits explore and experience the challenges of the Extreme Sonoma Coast. Wine lovers will work hands-on in the Bella Luna Vineyard, the estate vineyard of Churchill Cellars, under the guidance of owners Ken and Susan Churchill. The mission will continue with a fabulous cellar experience with the Halleck Vineyard team under the tutelage of owners, Ross and Jennifer Halleck and winemaker, Rick Davis. We will then convoy to the one-acre family site of Halleck Vineyard. Recruits will have the opportunity to blend a bottle of wine from wonderful wines in barrel. Wine workshops and tastings of outstanding wines are an integral part of the program.

The 2013 Sonoma Coast Harvest Wine Boot Camp® allows recruits to experience the excitement of the vineyard and the hard but rewarding work that it takes to produce wine. They’ll be able to reach down and touch the soil and taste the sweetness of the grapes. Recruits will enjoy an aromatic workshop, wine tasting, a cellar experience culminating in blending and bottling one’s own wine, breakfast, lunch in the vineyard, and a sumptuous gourmet dinner. All of this packed into an intensive 12-hour day.

“This will be the best Wine Boot Camp in 20 years!” Major Barbara Drady, Wine Boot Camp Director, states emphatically. “Wine Boot Camp has always provided an insider’s view to winemaking but this year, our Sonoma Coast Wine Boot Camp missions will be at two amazingly beautiful and unique small properties that are not open to the public and, until now, have never been experienced as our recruits will.”

Churchill Cellars will host the morning vineyard mission and lunch. Halleck Vineyard will host the cellar mission, dinner, and the graduation ceremony for our recruits.

“I’m very excited to be sharing these amazing properties with our Sonoma Coast Wine Boot Camp recruits,” declares Drady. Wine Boot Camp groups are small so that all of the recruits can experience the vineyard and winery in an intimate way.

The cost of the one-day WINE BOOT CAMP® adventure includes all workshops, educational materials, lunch in the vineyard, a gourmet dinner paired with wines, extensive wine tasting, a bottle of wine created by the recruit, transportation to all events, a WINE BOOT CAMP® cap, and an “I Survived WINE BOOT CAMP®” T-shirt. Enlistment is $750 per person plus tax. To register, contact Major Drady at 707-874 -1975 or


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