Limited Edition Italian Mandarin Honey Introduced at Whole Foods

Rigoni di Asiago®, makers of Nocciolata® organic chocolate hazelnut spread, Fiordifrutta® organic fruit spread and Mielbio® organic honey, will be unveiling today its finest MielBio® Italian Mandarin Honey Limited Edition exclusively at Whole Foods Market®. Rigoni di Asiago has manufactured 100 percent organic raw honey since 1922. Rigoni’s honey is all-Italian, carefully processed using only the finest nectars from unpolluted environments. Rigoni honeys are USDA organic certified and Non-GMO verified.

USA_Mielbio_Mandarin_Honey_LimitedEdition_WFMThe Mandarin Honey is produced in Calabria, the area of Italy that is most suited for the production of Clementines, also known as Mandarin oranges, at plantations devoted exclusively to organic farming methods for the fruit.  The honey is produced each year between the beginning of April and mid-May in a micro-climate that’s idea for the production of this unique honey. The product’s color varies from off white to translucent pale yellow, and its flavor is delicate and sweet with notes from the fruit whose blossoms produce the nectar from which the honey is made by 26 bee colonies with a total of more than 2,000 production hives.

Once the bees have made the honey, the human part of the production consists in pouring it from drums through a unique filtration system in a patented process that allows the honey to stay at room temperature (below 86 °F), so that it preserves its valuable micro-nutrients, which have antibacterial, antioxidant and antibiotic properties. All of these substances are degraded very rapidly at temperatures above 98.5 °F.

The Mandarin honey is then creamed through a slow process that lasts more than a week to make it perfectly spreadable, with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

About Rigoni di Asiago

The Rigoni brothers in Italy have been making their organic honey line since 1922, in the late ’80s, they developed Fiordifrutta, and in the late ’90s, Nocciolata. In recent years with the establishment of a U.S. presence, they are now sharing these great tastes and products with the people of America. Rigoni di Asiago has based its activity on producing from organic farming. Starting with honey, the company successfully proceeded onto making Fiordifrutta jams, the natural sweetener DolceDì, Nocciolata chocolate and hazelnut spread and most recently, Fruttosa ready-to-eat fruit dessert. RdA works with nature for nature. By choosing organic food, producing or eating it in the long term means sustaining nature’s reserves. It means protecting ourselves and future generations. Rigoni di Asiago made this choice many years ago.
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