Escali Introduces Smart Kitchen and Bathroom Scales

This September, Escali will introduce its SmartConnect™ wireless Bluetooth®Low Energy scales and free app.

Escali-SmartConnect-Kitchen-Scale_PHONEThe new SmartConnect™ app is a free download and operates via Bluetooth® Low Energy to sync with the SmartConnect™ kitchen and bathroom scales.

The app will be updated and improved over time, improving as technology advances and always ensuring the user a more thorough experience in their kitchen endeavors and on their health and fitness journeys.

The app will not only sync up with the new products but can be used with any scales as well through manual entry option. These affordable products and app will pave the way for new innovations in home kitchens everywhere. The SmartConnect™ scales are Escali’s sleekest products yet.

This fall, chefs, bakers and those tracking their health and fitness will join the revolution with Escali SmartConnect™!

For updates on the Escali SmartConnect™ scales and app, as well as to view existing product, go to



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