Wake Up and Smell The Salmon Bacon!

MacKnight Food Group is bringing out a product that the company says will allow consumers to enjoy bacon without the guilt. The secret is salmon.

MacKnight says that its new salmon bacon brings an undersea spin to bacon and that it’s packed with flavor and delivers the same crispy goodness as the original. In short, salmon bacon offers a healthy alternative with less fat and calories.

Salmon Bacon Image 2According to Ian MacKnight of MacKnight Food Group, the salmon bacon is derived from freshly smoked salmon and offers a new take for bacon lovers. “Salmon bacon is a very versatile product and may be cooked in a variety of ways,” says MacKnight. “In addition, this simple substitute can have a big impact on the daily diet. Our product has 80 calories and 5 grams of fat in a two ounce serving, compared to the 300 calories and 47 grams of fat traditional bacon packs.”

MacKnight adds that its salmon burgers, now carried by select Wal-Mart retailers, is another product that offers a guilt-free option for enjoying comfort food. “Rather than sacrifice a day’s worth of calories on one meal such as a bacon cheeseburger, make smarter choices with healthier products,” says MacKnight. “Salmon burgers and salmon bacon are the perfect alternatives for those not willing to swear off bacon cheeseburgers entirely.”


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