Cookie Lady Treats: Cookies Like No Others

Cookies from Cookie Lady Treats are like no other cookies. Owner Laura Weinstein’s obsession with baking cookies and giving them as gifts to friends and neighbors began near the holidays while she was in high school. She continued this tradition until she was in graduate school when it began in earnest.

She loved eating and giving her sweets, especially chocolate, but she was also conscious of staying in shape. Her quest was to develop the best chocolate chip cookie and find the finest, melt-in-your mouth chocolates. Cookie Lady Treats are made using only premium, Callebaut Chocolate. Her next goal was to explore unusual combinations of ingredients, finding local fruits and all-natural flavors to create her unique cookies. As a result of her passion to source as many local ingredients as possible, Laura made frequent trips to Vermont for maple products and Maine for delicious, tasty blueberries.

Weinstein’s passion has created over 40 cookie flavors unlike any other cookies being marketed. The cookies are completely customizable, allowing the customer to have a signature flavor. Gluten-Free and Vegan options are also available. Cookie flavors range from Caramel Apple, Chocolate Lovers, Coffee Chip, Lemon, Lime, Mocha, Oatmeal Raisin, Pumpkin Spice, Rocky Road, Sugar, Turtle, German Chocolate, Carrot Cake and many others. Seasonal flavors are also available.

Cookie LadyFor a complete list and cookie descriptions visit Once you have visited the site and tasted the cookies you will come back frequently to see what new creations Laura has created. You never know what new, fresh ingredient combinations she will come up with next. You can also have your dream cookie designed and baked especially for you.

The Cookie Lady Treats will make an individual or corporate gift box to fit any taste, budget and need. Her unique and delicious cookies are ideal for gift shops, individual gifts, corporate gifts, special events or as a special treat to yourself.

For more information contact: The Cookie Lady.Treats Email:


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