Enter Chocolate & Dessert Awards Contest

Enter your outstanding chocolate or dessert product to be crowned a CADI Award winner!
Think you have the most innovative flavor combination in the chocolate or dessert industry? A revolutionary, energy-efficient piece of equipment for pastry chefs and chocolatiers? Maybe you have the best gluten-free baked goods line on the market?

The National Chocolate & Dessert Show wants to honor your exceptional contribution to the chocolate and dessert industries at the first-ever Chocolate and Dessert Innovation (CADI) award. Products, services, and technologies representing the latest in chocolate and dessert trends can enter here by August 15, 2013, for the opportunity to be crowned in several categories by the following leading industry professionals at the National Chocolate & Dessert Show on October 20-22.

Entries will be judged in these categories:

  • Best New Product/Innovation – A revolutionary product or innovation demonstrating the industry’s latest trends in consumer tastes (gluten-free, low calorie, low sugar, etc.), inventive thinking (efficient equipment, new chef-wear lines, new marketing platforms, etc.) and the potential to provide solutions and make an impact in the industry in 2013.
  • Best Sustainable Product – Products advancing the industry toward protecting and improving the environment, such as energy-efficient equipment, green packaging, and chocolate products that support sustainable farming.
  • Best Flavor Profile – The most innovative flavor combination utilizing exotic, familiar, or even unexpected ingredients to build a novel and palate-pleasing profile in chocolate, cookies, cakes, confections, and more.
  • Best Technology – Cutting-edge technology demonstrating the ability to improve efficiency and processes within the industry, such as POS, packaging, equipment, and beyond.

All rules, regulations, and entry forms may be found at: www.thenationalchocolateshow.com/CADI_awards.html.

The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2013, with finalists announced September 20, 2013, and winners announced at the National Chocolate & Dessert Show, October 20-22, 2013. The winners will be showcased at a feature area of the show, free of charge, and awarded the prestigious honor. Register for free to attend the National Chocolate & Dessert show at http://www.thenationalchocolateshow.com/; exhibitor registration is open, and space is selling out quickly.


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