Terrapin Ridge Farms Meal Starter Sauce Picked as Top Trend

Terrapin Ridge Farms’ Pot Roast Meal Starter was selected by a panel of journalists and food experts as one of the top five trends at the Summer Fancy Food Show held June 30-July 2 in New York City.

Terrapin Ridge meal starter sauceThe Pot Roast Meal Starter was part of the “Global Meal Starter” trend identified at the show and shares this honor with Saffron Road’s Harissa, Korean Stir Fry and Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauces, Kaldes Bros. Trading Co.’s Greek Cooking Sauces and Kitchens of Africa’s Maffé Peanut and Yassa Onion Simmer Sauces. Meal starters have gained popularity in recent years and serve as flavorful ways to liven up meat, vegetable, potato or rice-based dishes.

“We have been perfecting the recipes for our meal starter sauces over the past few months and to be selected as a top trend at a show with over 80,000 specialty food products is truly an honor,” said Terrapin Ridge Farms’ CEO Mary O’Donnell. “It feels good to know we are on the right track.”

Terrapin Ridge Farms created its line of meal starters because of requests from a few top retail customers.

“Staying close to our customers’ wants and needs is important for many reasons. One major reason is they are close to the end consumer and can spot trends and top selling items rapidly,” added O’Donnell.

Terrapin Ridge Farms adds this brand new product line up of mouthwatering meal starter sauces to an already robust product catalog. The Pineapple Molasses and Herb Meal Starter add a sweet and savory punch to poultry and pork. The Pot Roast Meal Starter is perfect for slow-cooking a beef roast. The Carnitas Meal Starter is perfect for pork or beef and makes meat tender for tacos, burritos or nachos. The meal starters will be available in stores and on-line for purchase in August of 2013.


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