Braswell’s Dressing Makes a Great Simmer Sauce

By Lorrie Baumann

Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato dressing from Braswell’s makes a great simmer sauce for chicken. I picked up a 9.5 fluid ounce carafe of all-natural  Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato dressing last week in my local Safeway because it happened to catch my eye when I was in the condiments aisle looking for something else. Tonight I just poured about half the sauce over three chicken breasts in a plastic bag and let it marinate for a couple of hours. About an hour before dinner, I just put the three chicken breasts into a cast iron casserole, poured the sauce in over it, covered the dish, and simmered for about 50 minutes at 220 degrees on the induction burner. The result was tender, moist and flavorful chicken  that more than met my criteria for a successful dish, in that it both looked and tasted like it took WAY more trouble than it actually did.

As as I generally expect from Braswell’s, once I’ve used the rest of the dressing, I’ll still have something that I’ll continue to use. Braswell’s calls this a carafe, as indeed it is, but I’m planning to use it as a vase for this summer’s flowers from my garden.


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