Polska Pierogi Premiere at Select Safeways

Polska Foods®, a new California-based pierogi manufacturing company, today announced that its top two flavors of pierogi will be sold at select Safeway stores in August.  “We receive requests from coast to coast for our gourmet pierogi since it is made with hand-crafted farmer’s cheese, organic ingredients, and does not contain any preservatives, GMOs, MSG, soy, or anything artificial,” said Tomek Piszczek, founder of Polska Foods and a Polish immigrant.  “With our new partnership with Safeway, our pierogi can finally fill the demand for our Polish delicacy in key areas across the US.”

Safeway is continuing to grow their organic offerings and focusing on quality products for their customers, which makes for a good fit with Polska Foods which prides itself on producing a healthy, all-natural product. With a full year of research behind their product, Polska Foods identified a local, family-owned artisan cheese company that still makes Kosher, hand-crafted farmer’s cheese without rennet and enzymes.  The pierogi also contain all organic grain and flour bought from one of the only organic mills left in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This was the minimum required to truly duplicate Tomek’s grandma’s recipes from Poland.  The end result is tasty comfort food that health-conscious families can enjoy.

Safeway will offer both the Potato Cheese and Cabbage Mushroom pierogi flavors (made from real sauerkraut by using a natural fermentation process without vinegar and preservatives).  Polska Foods slowly simmers their sauerkraut with meaty crimini mushrooms, earthy caraway seeds, fresh cabbage, and caramelized onions.  The end result is a pierogi that truly tastes like home, and happens to also be vegan!   The Potato Cheese flavor is Polska Food’s top seller and is made with fresh, handcrafted farmer’s cheese, which is made by just culturing rBST free milk (enzymes or rennet are not used).   This is mixed with organic whole-grain millet, organic caramelized onions, organic potatoes, roasted garlic, and a proprietary blend of herbs to give you a creamy, melt in your mouth pierogi sensation.  The product is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Polska Foods’ pierogi flavors will be for sale for $5.99 a package at select Safeway locations in the frozen section in Safeway stores across California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Nevada.  Customers can also find the pierogi in Safeway’s chains such as Dominick’s Finer Foods (Illinois) and Vons Food and Drug (Southern California).  On the East Coast, customers can find Polska Foods’ pierogi products in the Genuardi’s and Safeway locations (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C.)  For a list of other stores, visit http://www.polskafoods.com/buy-polish-pierogi.


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