SPINS Announces Partnership with Oliver’s Markets

SPINS, an information and service provider for the natural and specialty productsiIndustry, has announced a new partnership with Oliver’s, a leading independent grocer with a growing chain of stores in Sonoma County, California. The two companies will collaborate to provide Oliver’s with information and resources for the specialty and gourmet grocery channel.

Oliver’s Markets is a locally owned and operated retailer that has been providing quality foods for nearly 25 years.  While it prides itself on being unique and offers its shoppers award-winning gourmet fare, Oliver’s also provides a full line of natural and conventional groceries, organic produce, and locally produced products from Sonoma County’s growers and manufacturers.  The retailer was named a Specialty Food Association’s Outstanding Retailer of the Year and was noted for its ability to differentiate itself by catering to a broad audience through its extensive mix of products.

By uniting with SPINS and endorsing the development of SPINS’ Specialty Gourmet grocery channel POS reporting service, Oliver’s will advance its knowledge of the natural, organic, and specialty products arena, while leveraging SPINS’ industry expertise to better support its stores.

“Natural and specialty products are the backbone of Oliver’s product assortment,” says Lawrence Jacobs, Grocery Buyer for Oliver’s Markets.  “We look forward to partnering with SPINS to leverage its information, coding and resources to identify emerging trends and to better understand the needs of our growing consumer base – particularly as we continue to expand.”

“SPINS’ Specialty Gourmet channel service enables a wealth of new opportunities for all organizations involved as well as the manufacturer community,” says SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “SPINS is excited to welcome Oliver’s to the growing list of key retailer partnerships facilitating the development of the service.”


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