Oregon Seafoods Shows Off Shelf-Stable Fish Soups at #SFFS13

By Lorrie Baumann

Oregon Seafoods is in booth #1550 with Sea Fare Pacific, brand of seafood items including fish pouches and seafood-based soups and sauces, all shelf-stable. A fish pouch replaces a can. They’re BPA free, and the shorter cook times necessary for packaging in the pouch result in a product that’s better-tasting and has a better texture than the canned equivalent. Oregon Seafoods uses a once-cooked tuna process, which means that all of the fish are filleted by hand at ice-cold temperatures, put in a pouch and cooked only once. That process allows the fish to retail all its natural juices and oils, which are rich in Omega-3s. All twice-cooked canned tuna products have only one-sixth as much of the native Omega-3 oil that’s found in the pouched Sea Fare Pacific tuna.

picture042Soups and sauces were developed by Mark Witham at Seagrant Oregon, which is part of Oregon State University’s research facility in Astoria, Ore., which is working to promote Oregon’s seafood as a product that’s competitive in the world marketplace. The soups and sauces are low-sodium, gluten-free, non-GMO products with seafood that was wild-caught in a sustainable fishery. The products are shelf-stable with a two-year shelf life. Cooking time is less than with canned products; it’s microwaveable and boilable, so consumers have many options for turning the pouch into a hot meal.

The products are available at retail in more than 800 stores in the western U.S. already, and the distribution network is growing rapidly as the product becomes better-known. Visit after the show at www.oregonseafoods.com and http://www.seafarepacific.com. Facebook at /seafarepacific and Twitter @seafarepacific.


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