Beaverton Foods: Mustards, Tartar Sauces and More at #SFFS13

By Lorrie Baumann

Beaverton Foods is here taste-testing some new products that aren’t quite ready for public release yet, and they accidentally left them where I could steal a look, if not a taste. There’s a Cholula HR Sauce, a Smokey Sweet Potato Fry Sauce, and a sauce labeled Sriracha Wasabi, which is probably all the information about those that we’re going to get, except that I have learned that those three are the brain children of Domonic Biggi, Beaverton Foods President. He’s the third generation to be practicing his craft at Beaverton Foods. He combines a knowledge of his family traditions with an inventive spirit, and he’s actively involved in product development.
picture048 (2)Beaverton Foods products new to the market this year include Inglehoffer Seafood Cocktail Sauce, Inglehoffer Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard and Beaver Brand Gourmet Ketchup. The Gourmet Ketchup was developed two years ago, while the Inglehoffer Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard came to market just last year and is rapidly growing in popularity. The seafood cocktail sauce was developed several months ago and is just now arriving in markets. The Inglehoffer Seafood Cocktail Sauce has freshly grated horseradish inside for a tangy bite from real ingredients. The cocktail sauce and the Beaver Brand Seafood Tartar Sauce are made with the same kind of care and ingredients that consumers use when they make similar products at home from scratch, says Jeffrey Biggi, Foodservice Sales Manager for the company and fourth-generation family member in the business.
Beaverton Foods is booth #1480 at the Fancy Food Show, and then after the show, you can find them at Jeffrey is the mastermind behind the company’s social media efforts, so you can find both Beaver and Inglehoffer brands on Twitter and Facebook. Search for Beaver Brand and Inglehoffer.


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