Alexian Introduces Chicken Ballotine in New Package Size at #SFFS13

Alexian, known for its fine pates and terrines, is introducing a restaurant gourmet classic, 
Chicken Ballotine, in convenient retail pack 5-ounce slices. See it at booth #361.
French in its origin, a ballotine is traditionally a boned thigh of chicken, duck or other
poultry stuffed with forcemeat and other ingredients that enhance the flavor of the meat
being prepared.
Alexian Chicken Ballotine is prepared with a split breast of chicken that encases minced
chicken meat, pistachio nuts and a medley of dried tropical fruits including, papaya,
raisins, apricots and pineapple. The prepared meat is then baked slowly in a terrine to a
mouth-watering, rich golden brown.
Fruit is always a wonderful complement to poultry, and its texture and color with the
pistachios combine to promise an extraordinary tasting experience.
The chicken itself is raised on a local Pennsylvania farm, and is certified to be free of
added hormones and antibiotics. The farm must also certify that their animals are
vegetarian-fed and that their breeding and raising practices are humane and sensitive to
the good health and well being of their animals.
“I love this product ! It’s just beautiful to look at and it’s so versatile to use as center of the
plate, with salad, couscous or any vegetable; or just as an appetizer or snack,” said
Laurie Cummins, President of Alexian. “We’re excited to offer such a healthy and
colorful delicacy in a convenient 5-ounce package!”
As any Alexian product, the Chicken Ballotine is all natural, with no artificial flavors, no
artificial colors, no preservatives, no fillers. It is also pork-free and gluten-free.
For more information, visit booth 361 at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show or check


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