Robert Rothschild Farms Acquires Napa Valley Producer’s Brands

Robert Rothschild Farm has acquired the sauce, dipping oil, marinade, condiments and rub business of Tulocay & Co., an award-winning premium food manufacturer located in Napa Valley, California.

Tulocay & Co. consists of a family of brands and products that allow everyone to enjoy meals created with flavorful and all-natural ingredients. The brands include “Made In Napa Valley,” “Vineyard Pantry,” and various other products.

“This is consistent with our plan to grow both organically and by acquisition,” said Jim Gordon, President of Robert Rothschild Farm. “We look forward to continuing to bring our customers the finest in gourmet, open and serve products that they have come to expect from Robert Rothschild Farm.”

Robert Rothschild Farm will have the opportunity to enhance its production capabilities with the acquisition of these assets and brands of Tulocay & Co. Gordon anticipates growth into new categories of foods and expanded product offerings.

“I am thrilled to have this segment of the Tulocay business as part of the Robert Rothschild Farm family and I look forward to participating in the growth of both Robert Rothschild Farm and Tulocay & Co.,” said Richard Long, President and owner of Tulocay & Co.

With the completion of this transaction, Tulocay & Co. will devote all its attention to the growth of its Nature’s Habit branded and private label granola and healthy snacking and cereal business.

“This is a growing market in which Tulocay is well positioned in a number of channels including grocery, convenience, specialty and export,” said Long.

Robert Rothschild Farm is continually recognized as one of the top gourmet food manufacturers in the United States and has been honored with numerous awards both nationally and internationally for their products.


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