Florida Whole Foods Stores Now Featuring Exclusive Line of Charcuterie

Whole Foods’ Florida stores is now featuring a private-labeled line of all-natural charcuterie. The products are sold under the Chestnut Valley Charcuterie label and produced by Transatlantic Foods.

“The clean, feisty flavors of our pure pork charcuterie are rockin’ the Sunshine State,” says Thierry Farges, Owner of Transatlantic Foods. “We continue traditional production methods passed down to us by the original Brooklyn pork store guys.”

Sopressatta, chorizo, fennel, pepperoni, Genoa and coppa sausages are among the new additions to the Florida deli departments. The sausage is seasoned with spices such as fennel pollen, juniper berry, and Spanish paprika; hand-stuffed; tied and naturally fermented before drying.

Transatlantic Foods uses certified humanely raised pork fed an all-vegetarian diet. There are no nitrates or artificial additives, hormones or antibiotics.

Transatlantic Foods will be exhibiting in booth 4214 at the Summer Fancy Food Show.


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