Zak’s New Garlic Peeler Improves on Classic Design

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Unless, of course, you can make it better. For years, Zak Designs E-Z Rol Garlic Peeler has been a kitchen staple for cooks across the country and around the world for the simple fact that it works without mess and without exception. Because of this, Zak has never tried to change the basic design of the garlic peeler. Until now.

Embossed Garlic Peeler_HiRes2Zak’s new Embossed Garlic Peeler carries all the functionality that made the traditional garlic peeler such a consumer favorite, with two new improvements. The Embossed Garlic Peeler is textured on the outside which not only gives it a fresh new design, it also allows for a more secure grip on the peeler as you’re rolling the clove inside the tube. And, to help it accommodate even larger garlic cloves, Zak also made the new peeler with a larger diameter.

The rest of the essential functionality remains unchanged. Simply put a garlic clove into the tube, roll it firmly on the countertop, and have a freshly peeled clove in seconds without any hassle. The silicone tube is dishwasher safe and available in red, kiwi, and grape. For even more convenience at retail, the garlic peelers are sold both open stock and in a handy countertop display unit.

Sometimes, even the best designs can be improved. Even if they aren’t broken.



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