Nespresso Unveils Study Demonstrating Significant Enhancements in Farmer Welfare

On the occasion of the Rainforest Alliance Sustainability and Certification Innovation Workshop, Nespresso CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin and Rainforest Alliance President Tensie Whelan were on hand for the presentation of the results of an impact study demonstrating significant improvements in social, economic and environmental factors for farmers who are part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program.

The study demonstrated that the AAA farms surveyed, including those that have obtained Rainforest Alliance certification, had 22.6 percent better social conditions, 52 percent better environmental conditions and 41 percent better economic conditions than non-AAA farms.

The survey, conducted by a third-party company, measured the impacts of the program for more than 1,000 AAA farmers, using multivariate analysis techniques to build indices for social, environmental and economic performance.

“The concrete data coming from the field shows the significant impact that the collaboration between the Rainforest Alliance and Nespresso is having on the ground in coffee growing communities,” said Whelan. “Over the ten years that we have worked with Nespresso on the AAA Program, we have observed significant progress in terms of economic, social and environmental conditions.”

The Nespresso AAA Program, developed in cooperation with the Rainforest Alliance is a unique approach to securing the highest quality green coffee required to produce the Grand Cru coffees that Nespresso consumers have come to expect, improving sustainable farming practices and enhancing farmer welfare. The AAA Program combines Nespresso coffee expertise with Rainforest Alliance sustainable farming expertise, based on internationally recognised Sustainable Agriculture Network standards. The program is distinguished from other sustainability schemes in that it adds a quality dimension to the sustainability principles and also helps farmers improve farm management and productivity.

“Sustainability is a business imperative for a company like Nespresso that depends on a natural resource to deliver quality and consistency to our consumers every day,” said Duvoisin. “For us, quality and sustainability are intricately linked. More sustainable farming increases the ability to produce consistent quality far into the future. This is something that benefits farmers, consumers and our business. Our longstanding collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance has allowed us to develop a program that has demonstrated a significant impact on the ground while securing a long term supply of the highest quality coffee for our company.”

Among other things, the study also detailed higher prices paid to AAA farmers in the form of premiums and the positive impact that this had on net farmer income, economic stability and an improvement in the social conditions at the farm level for AAA farmers. Additionally, farmers participating in the program reported an increased volume of coffee sold to Nespresso since they had joined the program.

For an executive summary of the study, visit 


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