Terrapin Ridge Farms Wins Prizes at Mustard Competition

Terrapin Ridge Farms has won three coveted prizes in the 19th Annual World-Wide Mustard Competition held at the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin in April of 2013.

Terrapin RidgeThe National Mustard Museum received more than 300 entries in this year’s competition. Terrapin Ridge took home the bronze medal in the fruit mustard category for its Peach Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip, a silver medal in the exotic mustard category for its Garam Masala Mustard, and a silver medal in the dressings category for its Apple Rosemary with Dill Sauce.

“We are honored to be recognized for our unique line up of gourmet mustards and dressings,” said Terrapin Ridge Farms CEO Mary O’Donnell. “We’re continuing to create innovative products with distinct flavor profiles and will keep our fingers crossed for future success at this competition.”

Terrapin Ridge Farms has previously won a gold medal for its Blueberry Honey Mustard (2011) at the World-Wide Mustard Competition and a bronze medal in the exotic mustard category for its Sweet Beet Horseradish Mustard (2012).

The mission of the National Mustard Museum is to promote all mustards and educate the public about the varieties, tastes, uses and benefits of mustard. The museum started in 1992 and boasts the largest collection of mustard and mustard memorabilia in the world. In the 19th year of mustard competition, the National Mustard Museum received hundreds of entries from as far away as Japan and New Zealand. More than 80 judges scored 16 flavor categories.


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