First-of-Its-Kind Craft Beverage Industry Trade Show Debuting in May 2014

The Craft Beverage Expo, a comprehensive trade show and conference designed to help participants across all segments of the growing craft beer, wine and spirits industry, is launching at the San Jose Convention Center, May 6 to 8, 2014.

Organizers of the expo will bring together the entire craft beverage industry to look at best practices from all vertical beverage markets. The forum will also provide attendees a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, fostering a community of collaboration based on common goals and a shared commitment to quality over quantity. The multi-billion dollar craft beverage industry, which is comprised of boutique wineries, craft breweries, craft distilleries and other producers of small batch hand-made alcoholic beverages, had not previously been served collectively by a trade show or association.

“We want to give a voice to the craft beverage producers whose needs are very different from traditional large-scale producers,” said Kellie Shevlin, Executive Director of the Craft Beverage Expo. “Our mission is to help producers in each market segment find solutions tailored to the size and scope of their operation. Craft Beverage Expo will provide the access they need to distributors and vendors that want to work with smaller beverage producers.”

The Craft Beverage Expo was created to be the leading trade and conference exposition event for the entire craft beverage industry, with the primary goal of creating and defining a cohesive craft beer, wine and spirits market. As the premier show for the industry, the Craft Beverage Expo will offer education, marketing strategies and turnkey solutions to problems facing craft beverage producers today.


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