Cold Stone Licensee Introduces New Branded Chocolate Confections

The Cacao Group, Inc., a Salt Lake City based chocolate maker, has inked a multi-year licensing agreement with Kahala LLC of Phoenix, Arizona, owners of Cold Stone Creamery™ to make and market Cold Stone-branded chocolate products in the US and world wide.

The company will initially introduce five new chocolate bars inspired by some of Cold Stone’s most popular combinations. Each one has a truffle-like center infused with popular flavors and inclusions and enrobed in either milk or dark chocolate. Varieties include Chocolate Devotion™, Mmmmmint Chocolate Chip™, Cookies & Creamery™, Coffee Lovers Only™, and Cherry Almond Sundae. The products will also be available in 5.4-ounce stand-up bags containing bite-sized individually wrapped pieces.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the talented people at Kahala. Their history of innovation and creativity combined with our premium chocolate creations will provide a new and exciting experience for chocolate lovers everywhere,” said Marc Purles, CMO and partner of The Cacao Group. “We’re looking forward to adding more creative Cold Stone-branded products as we move forward.”

Cold Stone Chocolate products will be available for wide distribution beginning June 1, 2013.

The Cacao Group is a Salt Lake City, Utah based confectioner and owns several brands including Amber Lyn Sugar Free Chocolate, Crev and Utah Truffles in addition to holding the license to Cold Stone.


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