Tofutti Sets Sights on Pizza Market

Tofutti Brands has perfected its newest product; mozzarella dairy free cheese. With this product, Tofutti Brands will look to enter into the pizza marketplace, with an offering of a dairy free cheese topping for lactose intolerant consumers. Tofutti’s founder David Mintz is prepared to make it accessible in pizza chains across the country. Tofutti is seeking to be the catalyst of an era where dairy-free pizza is served across America.

“We wanted to make the absolute ultimate creamy smooth dairy-free alternative for pizza lovers,” Mintz said at a recent taste testing. Not only does the new mozzarella boast absolutely no dairy, it is also free of any hydrogenated fats or oils. David Mintz’ son and Communications Director Ethan Mintz says the new dairy-free and fat-free Tofutti® Brand mozzarella has the potential to be served to 98 million customers;  69 million lactose sensitive Americans, 7.5 million vegans, and 22 million health aware individuals seeking dairy alternatives.

The finishing touches to this latest Tofutti Brand mozzarella is a coordinated effort to promote “freedom of choice” for those seeking healthful dairy-free alternatives.  “All too often people who can’t eat dairy ask the question, ‘What about me?’” states Ethan Mintz.  “We’ve decided to address that question with an effort to ultimately bring the Tofutti mozzarella to a major-US. pizza chain,” he continues.

About Tofutti Brands, Inc.: Founded in 1981 by restaurant owner David Mintz, Tofutti Brands, Inc. develops and distributes a complete line of dairy-free products.  The company sells more than 80 milk-free foods including frozen desserts, cheese products and prepared frozen dishes throughout the United States and in more than 30 countries.



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